November 12, 2013

Meetings of the Savannah R-III Board of Education
Central Office Meeting Room
Meal 6:15 PM ~ Work Session 6:30 PM ~ Closed Session 6:45 PM ~ Open Meeting 7:00 PM
November 12, 2013
Work Session Agenda
I.         Call to Order
II.       Board President Questions/Issues
III.     Review Agenda Items
IV.      Placing Items on the Consent Agenda
V.       Adjourn
Closed Session Agenda
I.         Call to Order 
II.        Motion to adjourn to closed session for discussion of hiring, firing, disciplining or 
            promoting of particular employees by a public governmental body when personal 
            information about the employee is discussed or recorded, 
which are protected 
            from disclosure by law; per section referenced under Section 
610.21, Subsection 
            3, 13 and 14 of the Revised Statues of Missouri and that the minutes and 
            vote that may occur pertaining to be made part of the executive session record 
be maintained as such.
III.      Adjourn Closed Session and Reconvene Open Session Meeting
Open Session Agenda
I.        Call to Order: Regular Meeting ~ Pledge of Allegiance
II.      Welcome and Communication from Visitors ~ Board President
III.    Staff Recognitions Student Recognition Letter Board President/Superintendent
IV.     Consent Agenda ~ Requires Motion
          A.       Approval of Minutes:  October 12, 2013             
          B.       Approval of Bills:  October,  October,  NovemberNovember   
          C.       Personnel ~ Dr. Mattson
          D.       Adoption of Revised Policies:   GCPB   GCPE  GCPF  GDPB  GDPD   JO 
             E.       Posting of Revised Policies:  BBB-AF2   BBB-AF4   BBBA   JHG
V.      Motion to Adopt Agenda Including Items Placed on the Consent Agenda
VI.    Action Items:  Requires Motion
          F.       General Journal ~ Dr. Brax
          G.       English Language Learner (ELL) Report ~ Dr. Julia Schmitz            
          H.       Early Childhood Special Services Report ~ Dr. Julia Schmitz   
          I.        6 - 8 Academic Progress ~ Middle School Administrators   
          J.        Greenhouse Bids ~ Report             
          K.       Authorization to Seek Bids For the Sale of the Current Greenhouse
          L.       Health Insurance and Benefits Administrator ~ Dr. Mattson

VII.   District Reports/Informational Items Included in the Packet
          A.        High School                
          B.        Middle School Data Report   
          C.        Amazonia   
          D.        Helena   
          E.        John Glenn   
          F.        Minnie Cline   
          G.        Special Services               
          After School Child Care Program Report  
          I.         Board of Education/Additional Information on a Student Advisor Program
                      a.    Student Advisor to the Board of Education Policy                         
                      b.   Additional Student Advisor to the Board Information
          J.         Thanksgiving Luncheon
VIII.   Adjourn