September 11, 2012

Meeting of the Savannah R-III School Board of Education
Central Office Meeting Room
Meal 6:15 PM ~ Work Session 6:40 PM ~ Open Session 7:00 PM
September 11, 2012
Work Session Agenda
I.         Call to Order
II.        Board President Questions/Issues
III.       Review Agenda Items
IV.      Placing Items on the Consent Agenda
V.       Adjourn
Open Session Agenda
I.        Call to Order:  Regular Meeting, Pledge of Allegiance
II.       Welcome and Communication from Visitors ~ Board President
III.      Recognition:  Jaryn Schneider
IV.     Consent Agenda ~ Requires Motion
          A.       Approval of Minutes:  August 27, 2012           
          B.       Approval of Bills Dates:  August 31September 6September 10September 11, 2012
          C.       Personnel:  Dr. Mattson
V.      Motion to Adopt Agenda Including Items Placed on the Consent Agenda
VI.     Action Items:  Requires Motion
          D.       General Journal ~ Dr. Brax
          E.       Student Assessment Results ~ Summary ~ Dr. Mattson/Dr. Schmitz
                   1.    Annual Progress Review ~ Report (State Accreditation)
                   2.    2012 ACT Scores ~ Report                      
                   3.    MAP/EOC Trends and Comparisons ~ Grade Card ~ APR Comparisons   
             F.      Missouri Options Program and Credit Recovery ~ Report ~ Press Release Report   
         G.      Kindergarten Report Card ~ Report ~ Old Version - Recommendation ~ Dr. Brax 
VII.    District Reports/Information Items
          A.     High School             
          B.     Middle School           
          C.     Amazonia
          D.     Helena           
          E.     John Glenn  
          F.     Minnie Cline           
          G.    Special Services
          H.    Student Count  
VIII.  Motion to Adjourn to Closed Session
IX.    Motion to Adjourn