August 14, 2012

Meetings of the
Savannah R-III Board of Education
Central Office Meeting Room
Meal: 6:00 PM ~ Work Session: 6:15 PM
Reception for Debbie Farr~ 6:30PM
Open Meeting ~ 7:00 PM
August 14, 2012
Work Session Agenda
I.      Call to Order
II.     Board Vice-President Questions/Issues
III.    Review Agenda Items
IV.   Placing Items on the Consent Agenda
V.    Adjourn to Reception for Debbie Farr, Food Service Director
Open Session Agenda
I.     Vice-President Call to Order:  Regular Meeting.  Pledge of Allegiance
II.    Welcome and Communication from Visitors ~ Board Vice-President
III.   Recognitions:  Board President/Superintendent
IV.   Consent Agenda ~ Requires Motion
        A.    Approval of Minutes:  July 10, 2012           
        B.    Approval of Bills Dated:  July 12July 18,  July 19,  July 26July 31August 9,  August 10VISA           
        C.    Personnel ~ Substitute List ~ Dr. Tim Mattson
           D.   Tax Levy Date and Time ~ Dr. Brax
          E.    District Treasurer ~ Dr. Brax
V.    Motion to Adopt Agenda Including Items Placed on the Consent Agenda
VI.   Action Items:   Requires Motion
           F.    General Journal ~ Dr. Brax
        G.    Adopt Revised Policies:  ADF   ADF-AP   ADF-AF1   ECD   EHB-AF1   EHB-AF2   
                EHB-AF3    EHB-AF4   EIA   GBEBC   GCD-AF1   GCI-AF   GCPD   IC   IGBA-AP1 
                IGD   IGD-AP1   IGD-AP2   IND   JFCL-AF   JFCL-AP   JHG   KK           
        H.    Rescind Policies:     EI   JG-AF3        
        I.     Bus Transportation Drivers List ~ Dr. Brax
        J.     Annual Performance Report ~ Review ~ Dr. Mattson/Dr. Schmitz      
          K.    Health Insurance Rebate ~ Dr. Mattson
VII.    District Reports / Information Items
        A.   Energy Savings Upgrades Report ~ Dr. Brax            
        B.   Report from MSBA Safety in Schools Conference ~ Ms. Jennifer Peterson
        C.   Instructional Leadership Team Report ~ Troy Dunn
VIII.   Adjourn