June 12, 2012

The mission of the Savannah R-III School District is to nurture, inspire, challenge and encourage every student by providing the education to become a productive member of society.
Meetings of the Savannah R-III Board of Education
Central Office Meeting Room
Meal ~ 6:00 PM ~ Work Session 6:30 PM
Open Meeting 7:00 PM
June 12, 2012
Work Session Agenda
I.        Call to Order
II.       Board Presidents Questions/Issues
III.     Review Agenda Items
IV.     Placing Items on the Consent Agenda
V.      Adjourn
Open Session Agenda
I.       Call to Order:  Regular Meeting ~ Pledge of Allegiance
II.      Welcome and Communication from Visitors ~ Board President
III.     Recognitions: Board President/Superintendent
IV.    Consent Agenda ~ Requires Motion
         A.  Approval of Minutes:  May 8, 2012   
         B.  Approval of Bills Dated:  May 23, May 31, June 7, June 12           
         C.  Personnel ~ Dr. Tim Mattson
         D.  Adoption of Board Policies:   FEC   IGBCB   IGBCB-AP   IGDA   IGDA-AP   IGDBA                  
               IICA   IK   IKE   JEA   JEA-AP   JECA   KKB
            E.   Board Meetings Location/Times/Dates               
V.     Motion to Adopt Agenda Including Items Placed on the Consent Agenda
VI.    Action Items:  Requires Motion
         F.  General Journal / Capital Improvement Budget Adjustment  / Visa Check / Visa Breakdown 
         G.  Revised Short Term Leave Policies:      GCBDA  GDBDA         
         H.  Post New Board Policies:   EBAC   EBAC-AP     FEF-AP1   FEF-AP2     GBLB   GBLB-AF1   
                   Post Revised Board PoliciesAC    AC-AF1   AC-AF2   AC-AF3   AC-AF4    AC-AF5   
               AC-AF6   EBB   ECB   ECG   DI   FEF   FFA                 
         I.    Savannah R-III Education Foundation Board Representative            
         J.    Scope of the Energy Contract ~ Energy Contract and Suggested Motion ~ Dr. Brax, Peter Hinkle-Schneider Electric
          K.   Fire and Alarm Service Contract  ~ Atronic Proposal ~ Dr. Brax
           L.   SACC Grant Application            
        M.   Free and Reduced Lunches
           P.    Additional June Board Meeting
           Q.   Request for Personel ~ Dr. Mattson
VII.  District Reports/Informational Items Included in the Packet
         A.  High School:  May  June            
         B.  Middle School    
VIII.  Adjourn