August 14, 2015 Board Tour of District

Minutes of the Savannah R-III School Board of Education

Central Office Meeting Room

Meal 6:15 PM ~ Closed Session 6:30 PM

 Work Session 6:50 PM ~ Open Session 7:00 PM

September 8, 2015 

Open Session Minutes


I.          President Jim Vega called the open session meeting to order at 7:01 PM.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Members Present:  Jim Vega, President; Dyann Duncan, Susan Garrison, Jennifer Peterson and Mark Schneeflock

Members Absent: Dr. Ken Rosenauer, Vice-President; and Linda Kozminski

Others Present:  Dr. David Brax, Superintendent; Dr. Tim Mattson, Assistant Superintendent; Kate Drew, Board Secretary; Zac Coughlin, Clint Howren, Dr. Julia Schmitz, Steve Waigand, Aimee Addington, Kelly Warren, Roxanne Rooney, Addisyn Glauser, Maya Burnsides, Abby Huffman, Kit Bond, Chris Huffman, Jennifer Huffman, Shannon Burnsides, Danielle Owens, Shelly Glauser, Joan Bryan, Gena Villegas, Toni Svuba, Jammi Daise, Allie Moore, Sam Moore, Debbie Walker, Brad Weeks, Melissa Ross, Molly Lund, Tamila Davis, Travis Davis, Kazden Gillespie, Billy Gillespie, Krista Springs and Jamie Lund.

II.        Welcome and Communication from Visitors:  None

III.       Staff Recognition:  Savannah Middle School nominated Dana Prater for Board recognition. Dana is the Middle School Custodian.  Dana has worked the early shift since the start of school and been working alone doing a job that is usually done by 2 people. She hasn't complained and has done an amazing job keeping our building maintained and clean during the day all while being amazing with our students. She goes above and beyond with her job, and with building relationships with the students in our building.  Thank you Dana for all you have done for the Middle School Building, Staff, and Students.

            Student Recognition:  Savannah GEMS Program nominated Abrianna Huffman, Kit Bond, Wade Larison, and Maya Burnsides for Board recognition. 

The Nicholas Green Distinguished Student Award is awarded to one student in each state. Recipients are given a $250.00 scholarship along with a Certificate of Excellence by the Gifted Association of Missouri (GAM). Students selected for the award are between grades 3 and 6 and have distinguished themselves in academic achievement, leadership, visual or performing arts. (Gifted Association of Missouri)

The Savannah R-3 School district GEMS program nominated the following students. To participate, students had to compose a 700 word essay describing the gift or talent along with submission of a letter of recommendation. Each have received notification that they were in the top 10 chosen by the Gifted Association of Missouri.

  • Abrianna Huffman - 5th grade John Glenn Elementary
  • Kit Bond - 5th Grade Minnie Cline Elementary
  • Wade Larison - 4th grade Minnie Cline Elementary
  • Maya Burnsides - 6th grade Minnie Cline Elementary

Savannah High School nominated Camarie Slagle for Board recognition. Camarie Slagle organized and carried out a Triathlon and Junior Triathlon on August 6 in Savannah.  This is the first triathlon to be hosted in Savannah.  She is a junior at Savannah High School.  Camarie is a member of the Savannah FCCLA Chapter.  With the support of her family and the FCCLA chapter she raised and donated $2000 to Andrew County Ministries for the Back Pack Buddies Program. Her FCCLA advisor is Tonya Young.  The event was a huge success, and Ms. Young has been contacted by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education asking for information and pictures so they can post it on the state’s website. Congrats, Camarie!

Work Session Minutes

I.          President Jim Vega called the work session meeting to order at 7:08 PM.

II.        Board President Questions/Issues:  None

III.       The Board reviewed the agenda items.

IV.       The Board discussed moving items F (Building Trades #38 Lumber Bid), H (Posting of Revised Policy: CBG ~ Evaluation of Superintendent, CFB ~ Evaluation of Principals, GBBDA ~ Family and Medical Leave, GCN ~ Evaluation of Professional Staff), I (Local Compliance Plan), J (Updated Board Strategic Priorities) to the consent agenda.

V.        President Jim Vega adjourned the work session meeting at 7:09 PM.

Open Session

K.        The Elementary Principals provided an overview of how Technology is used in our Elementary Schools. Jammi Daise, teacher discussed and showed the uses of Journeys Website for Reading and Math; Allie Moore and Molly Lund, students; explained how teachers and students use Accelerated Reader, Addison Glauser, student and Shelly Glauser, teacher; discussed and demonstrated Edmodo, Kazden Gillespie, student; and Mrs. Bryan and Mrs. Svuba demonstrated the ability for students to use Starfall website.

IV.       Mark Schneeflock made the motion to place F (Building Trades #38 Lumber Bid), H (Posting of Revised Policy: CBG ~ Evaluation of Superintendent, CFB ~ Evaluation of Principals, GBBDA ~ Family and Medical Leave, GCN ~ Evaluation of Professional Staff), I (Local Compliance Plan), J (Updated Board Strategic Priorities) items, on the consent agenda.  Susan Garrison seconded the motion.  Motion passed with a 5-0 vote.

V.        Mark Schneeflock made the motion to adopt the agenda including items placed on the consent agenda.  Dyann Duncan seconded the motion.  Motion passed with a 5-0 vote.

A.        Approval of the August 11, 2015 minutes, Tax Rate Hearing, Work Session and Open Session, and August 14, 2015 Board Tour as presented. 

B.        Approval of bills dated:  August 2015 ~ $1,262,974.67. September 2015~ $259,024.28.

C.         Personnel List was accepted by the Board.


Ashton Justiniano              MC Para                                             8/31/2015

Ryan Warren                        MC Para                                             9/08/2015

Malone Davis                       P/T Custodian ECSE                       8/17/2015


Extra Duty Hire:

Micah Phillips                     HS Asst. Wrestling              2015-16 School Year

Kelsey Butler                      FTA Sponsor                         2015-16 School Year

Brett Morgan                         FCCLA Assistant Sponsor  2015-16 School Year                       


Extra Duty Resignations:

Janet Enriquez                     SACC Site Director AM                  8/21/2015

SACC Hires:

Katelyn Walker                    SACC Helena                                      9/08/2015

Holly Urkavich                     SACC MCES                                      9/08/2015


Rob Beattie

Phyllis Cole

Karen Vulgamott

Shanna Bosley

Andy Walter

Kerri   Knechtenhofer

Michelle Cordonnier

Tara Grider

Amanda Heimbaugh

Steve Haer

Cindy Herrod

Sarah Costello

Cheryl Campbell

D.        September 24, 2015 Board of Education Meeting

On Thursday, September 24, 2015, the City of Savannah will be hosting a City Work Session to discuss what a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) means to the City of Savannah.  The Board of Education will be attending this meeting.  This meeting will be held at the Clasby Center, starting at 6:00PM.  The Savannah R-III School District Board of Education will be attending this meeting, thus it will be considered an extra Board of Education Meeting.

*F.      The Board accepted Andrew County Lumber for the Lumber Bid for Building Trades Home #37 as presented. 

*H.     The Board posted the Revised Policies as presented. 

            1.  CBG ~ Evaluation of Superintendent

            2. CFB ~ Evaluation of Principals

            3. GBBDA ~ Family and Medical Leave

            4. GCN ~ Evaluation of Professional Staff

*I.       The Board adopted Option A for the Savannah R-III School District Local Compliance Plan as presented. 

*J.      The Board was presented with updated Board Strategic Priorities

VI.       Action Items:  Requires Motion

E.         General Journal ~ $5,121,569.92.  Jennifer Peterson made the motion to approve the general journal.  Mark Schneeflock seconded the motion.  Motion carried with a 5-0 vote. 

G.        Student Assessment Results were discussed by Dr. Tim Mattson, Dr. Julia Schmitz, and Zac Coughlin.  ELA MAP Results, MATH MAP Results, and 2015 ACT Scores.  Mark Schneeflock made the motion to approve the Student Assessment Results Reports as presented.  Dyann Duncan seconded the motion.  Motion carried with a 5-0 vote. 

VII.     District Reports were presented.

A.     High School

B.     Middle School

C.     Minnie Cline

D.    John Glenn

E.     Helena

F.     Amazonia

G.    Special Services ~ Therapy at School Newsletters

VIII.     Mark Schneeflock made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  Dyann Duncan seconded the motion.  Motion carried with a 5-0 vote.  TIME: 8:04 PM.

The next Board of Education Meeting will be held Thursday, September 24, 2015  at the Clasby Center starting at 6:00pm.


___________________________                        ___________________________

Jim Vega, Board President                                   Kate Drew, Board Secretary