May 13, 2014 Part C

 *G.      The Board approved the Proposed Adjustments to Extra Duty Compensation.


·         Middle School Concession Manager (new position) paid at 6.75% of the base salary. 

·         Middle School Stuco Manager (adjustment) paid at 8% of the base salary.

·         Middle School Play Director (2 positions) paid the same as the high school at $750.


            *H.     The Board approved the Extra Duty Assignment List.           

                         The Extra Duty Assignment List is filed in the Board of Education Book in Central   

            *I.       The Board approved the Posting of the Proposed High School Handbook                                                 Change, with the change of “up to 10 days added.  This change would apply to the                               following discipline consequence:

                  Drugs/Alcohol – Possession of or in attendance while under the influence of any             unauthorized prescription drug, alcohol, narcotic substance, counterfeit drugs, or while             attending school or school sponsored events. Materials/substances may be confiscated             by administration and turned over to law enforcement officials.


            1st Offense – “UP TO” 10-day out-of-school suspension and referral to superintendent for long-term suspension/expulsion.  Suspension for a minimum of 40 school days from all extracurricular activities.

All honors, privileges, earned letters, prom, offices, special trips, and all other extracurricular activities are forfeited during the suspension.


                        Subsequent Offenses – 10-day out-of-school suspension and recommendation to superintendent for long-term suspension/expulsion for 90 school days and loss of credit units for semester. Administrative approval needed for re-admittance.


            *K.      The Board approved the bid from Jackson Lawn Equipment for $10,959.00 for the                                ExMark Lazer Z-X-series lawn mower.   Quotes are as follows:

                        Coleman Equipment                       $11,159.00

                   Jackson Lawn Equipment             $10,959.00


            *M.     The Board set an additional May Board Meeting for May 18th, 2014 at 1:30 PM to vote                         on bids to resurface the High School track.

            *N.      The Board agreed to post policies  EBC – Emergency Drills, EBCA – Crisis                                            Intervention Plan and ECA – Building and Grounds Security. 


V.        Dr. Rosenauer made a motion to adopt the consent agenda as amended.  Ms. Peterson seconded the motion.  Motion passed with a 5-0 vote.


VI.       Action Items:  Requires Motion


            E.         General Journal ~ $ 6,893,196.76 .  Ms. Garrison made the motion to approve the                                 general journal.  Ms. Kozminski seconded the motion.  Motion carried with a 5-0 vote.

            F.         Committee Representative 2014-2015:

                        Ms. Peterson made the motion to approve the Board Committee Representative for                             2014-2015.  Dr. Ken Rosenauer seconded the motion. Motion carried with a 5-0 vote.


                        Policy Committee:

                        Dr. David Brax, Linda Kozminski and Susan Garrison



                        Jennifer Peterson



                        Eliminated this committee



                        Jennifer Peterson and Jim Vega


                        Wellness/Health Advisory:

                        Dyann Duncan, Dr. Ken Rosenauer and Linda Kozminski


                        Technology Plan:

                        Susan Garrison and Mark Schneeflock


                        MSBA Delegate:                                                  

                        Dr. Ken Rosenauer                                                 


                        MSBA Alternate:

                        Jennifer Peterson


                        Professional Development:

                        Jennifer Peterson and Linda Kozminski


                        Energy Savings Committee

                        Dr. Ken Rosenauer and Jim Vega


                        Savannah R-III Foundation

                        Susan Garrison


                        Wilson Scholarship Committee

                        Mark Schneeflock


            J.         Ms. Kozminski made the motion to approve an additional Counselor position   
                        for Minnie Cline and Amazonia paid for from Title I funds.  Ms. Peterson seconded 
                        the motion.  Motion carried with a 5-0 vote.


            L.         2014-15 Health Insurance Health Savings Account (HAS):  Ms. Garrison made the                                motion to approve that seeding money into an HSA account would be a choice for    
                        each individual employee.  As negotiations are settled and wages set for next year,  
                        each employee would receive $500.  Raises would then be calculated.   A person can 
                        use the $500 as a salary increase or he/she can defer it into an HSA.  Ms. 
                        Kozminski seconded the motion.  Motion carried with a 5 – 0 vote. 

VII.     District Reports ~ The High School, Middle School, Amazonia, Helena, John Glenn, Minnie Cline and Special Services provided their district reports.   Also, Mr. Dunn gave the Summer School Report.


VIII.    Ms. Peterson made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  Ms. Kozminski seconded the motion.  Motion carried with a 5 – 0 vote.  TIME: 7:35 PM.




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Jim Vega, Board President                                                  Janna Wuest, Board Secretary