May 14, 2013 "A"

Minutes of the Savannah R-III School Board of Education

Central Office Meeting Room

Meal 6:00 PM ~ Closed Session 6:15 PM ~ Work Session 6:50 PM ~ Open Session 7:00 PM

May 14, 2013 

Closed Session Minutes


I.          President Kelly Houston called the closed session meeting to order at 6:17 PM.


Members Present:  Kelly Houston, President; Jim Vega, Vice-President; Susan Garrison, Linda Kozminski, Jennifer Peterson, Dr. Ken Rosenauer, and Mark Schneeflock.

Members Absent: None

Others Present:  Dr. David Brax, Superintendent; Dr. Tim Mattson, Assistant Superintendent and Janna Wuest, Board Secretary.


II.         Mr. Schneeflock made the motion to adjourn to closed session for discussion of personnel matters; hiring, firing, disciplining or promoting of employees; and preparation, including any discussions or work product, on behalf of a public governmental body or its representatives for negotiations with employee groups; and records which are protected from disclosure by law; per section referenced under Section 610.021, subsections 3, 9, 13, and 14 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri and that the minutes and any vote that may occur pertaining to same, be made part of the executive closed session record and be maintained as such.   Mr. Vega seconded the motion.  Motion carried with the following roll call vote:  Mr. Houston – aye, Ms. Garrison – aye, Ms. Peterson – aye, Dr. Rosenauer – aye, Ms. Kozminski, Mr. Schneeflock and Mr. Vega – aye.  Motion carried with a 7 – 0 vote.

III.        Ms. Garrison made the motion to adjourn closed session and reconvene work session.  Mr. Vega seconded the motion.  Motion carried with the following roll call vote:  Mr. Houston – aye, Ms. Garrison – aye, Ms. Peterson – aye, Dr. Rosenauer – aye, Ms. Kozminski, Mr. Schneeflock and Mr. Vega – aye.  Motion carried with a 7 – 0 vote.  TIME:  6:32 PM

Work Session Minutes 

I.          President Kelly Houston called the work session meeting to order at 6:32 PM.


II.         Janna Wuest, Board Secretary did the duty of swearing in new Board Member, Linda Kozminski.


III.         Board President Questions/Issues:  President Houston said that he is looking forward to a positive year.


IV.       The Board reviewed the agenda items.


V.          The Board discussed placing items (F) Board Member Committee Assignments (as amended), (G) Extra Duty Assignments, (I) Roof Bids for Old Middle School Cafeteria, (K) Disposal of Obsolete Equipment, and (L) Extra Duty Schedule Pay Adjustments, to the consent agenda.


VI.          President Houston adjourned the work session meeting at 6:38 PM.


Open Session Minutes

I.          President Houston called the open session meeting to order at 7:04 PM.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


Members Present:  Kelly Houston, President; Jim Vega, Vice-President; Susan Garrison, Linda Kozminski, Jennifer Peterson, Dr. Ken Rosenauer, and Mark Schneeflock.

Members Absent: None

Others Present:  Dr. David Brax, Superintendent; Dr. Tim Mattson, Assistant Superintendent; Dr. Julia Schmitz, Aimee Addington, Vance Vanderwerken, Zac Coughlin, Ron Jackson, Greg Bricker, Lori Wilson, Glen Spiking, Leisa Blair, Kelly Warren, Steve Waigand, Troy Dunn, Annie Maier, Laurel LaFollette, Linda Gillispie, Jeff Ellison, and Janna Wuest, Board Secretary.


II.          Welcome and Communication from Visitors:  None 


III.           Recognitions:   Staff Recognitions:  Dr. Julia Schmitz, Director of Special Services, recommended Becki Booth for Board recognition. Her diligence and efforts goes above and beyond on a regular basis.


Savannah High School recommended the Board recognize Shirley Kiner for hours spent working on prom and other projects throughout the year. She chaperones the dance, and then cleans the gym, she packs and stores all the materials until the next year and repurposes those materials into new decorations.  The success of the high school prom is due to a large part of her work.

Savannah High School would also like the Board to recognize John Clevenger for spends hours preparing for prom. He is in charge of all the construction and electrical work that is needed for prom. Mr. Clevenger also puts in long hours working on the building trades houses. He spends nights and weekends purchasing supplies, scheduling and monitoring outside contractors’ work, and preparing the site for students. Anyone who has toured or lived in one of the building trades houses knows the quality craftsmanship Mr. Clevenger expects.

Student Recognitions:  Congratulations to all teams who competed at the district Agriculture Career Development events and for winning the chapter sweepstakes award, for the fourth year in a row. The following teams will be competing at the state level later this month:


Agriculture Mechanics- 1st place, Agricultural Sales- 2nd place, Agronomy- 10th place, Dairy Cattle- 8th place, Dairy Foods- 3rd place, Entomology- 8th place, Farm Management- 2nd place, Floriculture- 2nd place, Forestry- 3rd place, Horses- 1st place, Meats- 4th place, Nursery/Landscape- 4th place, Soils- 8th place


The following individuals placed in their respective contest: Nate Miller 3rd, Jacob Cobb 5th in Ag Mechanics, Casey Adkins 5th in Ag Sales, Blaire Todd 2nd in Dairy Foods, Brooklyn Lance 5th in Entomology, Decker Sutton 3rd, Amy Bunse 4th in Farm Management, Claire Wolken 4th in Floriculture,Claire Vanderwerken 2nd in Forestry, Morgan Anderson 1st in Horses, Levi Davison 3rd in Nursery/Landscape.


Debate and Forensics State Winners.  4th Place - Victoria Turner – Story Telling, 5th Place - Noah Jermain– Humorous Interpretation , 6th Place - Hannah Ingram – Oratory


IV.          Consent Agenda ~ Ms. Garrison made a motion to move item F (as amended), G, I, K and L to the consent agenda.  Ms. Peterson seconded the motion.  Motion passed with a 7-0 vote.


A.        Approval of minutes dated April 9, as presented.


B.        Approval of bills:  $1,164,420.78; $669,787.14; $114,988.91; $85,260.79.


C.        Personnel: Hire:      Frank Nemeth                    HS CA/SS                             2013-14 School Year

   Ben Crane                          MS Science                           2013-14 School Year

   Mikaela Sons                     Music                                     2013-14 School Year

   Kelly Rhodes                     AZ P/T Custodian               May 1, 2013

   Bonny Acklin                    Art                                          2013-14 School Year

   Keri Schopfer                     JG Teacher                            2013-14 School Year

   Samantha Jackson             SPED                                     2013-14 School Year

   Stefanie Musser                Helena Teacher                    2013-14 School Year

   Kenneth Hamilton            AZ Teacher                           2013-14 School Year

   Aaron Cooper                   At-Risk                                  2013-14 School Year

   Kate Noland                      SPED                                      2013-14 School Year

   Kristi Larison                     MS CA                                   2013-14 School Year

   Denise Price                       SPED                                      2013-14 School Year

   Tabitha Waigand              MC Teacher                         2013-14 School Year

Resignation:        Courtney Pacheco             SPED                                      End of 2013 School Year

   Darci Feiden                      Health Occupations             End of 2013 School Year

   Amanda Williams              PE/Para                                  End of 2013 School Year

Substitutes:          Russ LaFollette


D.        Career Ladder:



2012-2013 Career Ladder


Stage I - $750

Stage II - $1500

Stage III - $2500




Barbrie, Anthony

Davis, Dasha

Clark, Barbara

Barsch, Barbara

Eychaner, Stacy

Couldry, Debbie

Bergmann, Gary

Kemerling, Jonnie

Gallagher, Susie

Bodenhausen, Erich

O'Neal, Jeff

Hopkins, Terry

Byergo, Bryson

Ping, Donna

Kiner, Shirlee

Fragola, Robin

Silkett, Michelle

Logsdon, Shelley

Holcumbrink, Chase

Van Horn, Brian

Partridge, Pam

Vertin, Shelly

Wheeler, Ray Eric

Peek, Rachel

Wilmes, Amanda

Atha, Brandi

Ross, Melissa

Clark, June

Meade, Joe

Steinkamp, Tammy

Grechus, Jennifer

Schneider, Tiffani

Wenzel, Deborah

Herbek, Ali

Ritzer, Melody

Westfall, Traci

Miller, Joel

Whittington, Jenna

Wolken, Janet

Prather, Reese

Worthington, Lori

Young, Tonya

Schneider, Mark

Clevenger, Susan

Brockett, Ken

Svendson, Ross

Cox, Kristen

Catlett, Shirley

Chambers, Mandy

Olson, Sarah

Carlisle, Susan

Clark, Anitra

Tubbs, Mildred

Curran, Janis

Holmes, Kristi

Kissler, Melissa

Dryer, Catina

Maier, Andrea

Powell, Marcia

Gorman, Renee

Petro, Jena

Veale, Max

Long, Jamie

Porterfield, Kristi


Miller, Janet

Schweizer, Allison


Pasley, Tami

Higer, Juli


Prather, Jennifer



Reedy, Kristy



Roster, Sheri



Smith, Tausha



Sybert, Shelly



Szczepanik, Connie



Whitman, Susan



Bush, Natalie



DeLapp, Beth



Dreyer, Chad



Gillispie, Linda



Glauser, Shelly



Hines, Ann



Jenkins, Kelly



LaFollette, Laurelle



Miller, Kenna



Kelly, Connie



Nickell, Linda



Porter, Mary



Shelton, Laura



Talmadge, Sheila



Thompson, Heather



Wiebe, Micky



Schnitker, DeeAnn



Till, Lisa



Slagle, Stacia



Lyon, Kim



Vanderwerken, Linda



Merritt, Stephanie



Bryan, Joan



Evans, Sharon



Woody, Kelly



Murphy, Shawn



Pieters, Theresa



Strasser, Toby



Svuba, Antoinette


*F.          Board Member Committee Assignment ~


Policy Committee:   Linda Kozminski, Kelly Houston and Dr. David Brax

TABS:  Kelly Houston and Jennifer Peterson

PAT:  Dr. Ken Rosenauer and Jim Vega

Insurance:  Kelly Houston and Jim Vega

Wellness/Health Advisory:  Linda Kozminski, Jennifer Peterson and Dr. Ken Rosenauer

Technology Plan:  Susan Garrison and Mark Schneeflock

MSBA Delegate:  Mark Schneeflock                                                           

MSBA Alternate:  Jennifer Peterson

Professional Development:  Jennifer Peterson

Energy Savings Committee:  Kelly Houston and Jim Vega

Savannah R-III Foundation:  Susan Garrison

Wilson Scholarship Committee:  Mark Schneeflock

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