Savannah R-III

Board Briefs

Board of Education Meeting

September 9, 2014 



MSBA Monthly Video:  The Board viewed the MSBA monthly video


Amendment 3:  The Board reviewed information, ballot language and a resolution in opposition of Amendment 3.  Melissa Ross, representing the “Savannah Amendment 3 Informational Committee”, provided the Board with information regarding Amendment 3.


Welcome and Communication from Visitors:  Carma Way, President of Community Teacher Association (CTA), listed the individuals on the CTA Board and reported on CTA upcoming events this year.


Staff Recognition:  Teachers, Linda Gillispie, Anitra Clark, Ann Hines, and Kenna Miller along with maintenance and custodial staff, Harold Morgan, Luther Todd, Anne Bougher, Dennis Burge, Billey Moppin, were recognized for exemplary service at Minnie Cline Elementary prior to the start of the 2014-2015 school year.


Classified Staff Employment:  The Board employed the following individuals: Lorie Veale, Early Childhood Special Ed. para; Kelli Tucker and Morgan Foster as School Age Child Care workers; and Walter Honea as a High School custodian.

Classified Resignation:  The Board accepted the resignation of Robert Brown as a High School custodian.

Classified Staff Retirement: The Board accepted the retirement of Cindy Neely as a Parent as Teachers instructor effective December 31, 2014.


Extra Duty Employment:  The Board employed April Acklin as a Future Teachers of America assistant sponsor. 


Substitute Teacher Employment:  The Board employed the following individuals as substitute teachers: Cheri Magna, Toby Jenkins, Cathy Bowman, Jamie Lund, Charles Parks, Ashley Johnson,

Kay Brittain, Lori O’Neal, Sean Nelson, Cassandra Pokorny, and William Merritt.


Proposed Constitutional Amendment 3:  The Board adopted the Amendment 3 Resolution as presented. 

Savannah R-III Board of Education


WHEREAS, Amendment 3 on the November ballot is a state mandate that shifts local control for educational decisions away from parents, teachers, administrators and school boards; and


WHEREAS, Amendment 3 is a poorly drafted and deeply flawed proposal that has many unintended consequences for teachers, administrators and school boards; and


WHEREAS, Amendment 3 would prevent school boards from hiring, promoting, compensating or dismissing teachers in accordance with board policy; and


WHEREAS, Amendment 3 would force taxpayers to pay for additional standardized tests at a time when our public schools remain significantly underfunded by the state; and


WHEREAS, Amendment 3 significantly changes teacher evaluations away from a tool to improve teacher performance;


Therefore be it RESOLVED, the Savannah R-III Board of Education on this 9th day of September, hereby opposes Amendment 3 on the November ballot.


Adoption of Revised Board Policies:  The Board adopted the revised Board Policies as presented. 

             CBG   (Evaluation of the Superintendent)

            CFB    (Evaluation of Principals)

            GCN   (Evaluation of Professional Staff)

            GBBDA (Family and Medical Leave Act)

            GBCC            (Staff Use of Communication Devices)

            GBLB  (References)

BBFA (Board Member Conflict of Interest and Financial Disclosure)


Adoption of Revised Job Descriptions: The Board adopted the revised job descriptions as presented for the following positions:




                        Assistant Principal


                        Special Services Director

                        Athletic/Activities Director

                        A+ Coordinator



                        Building Secretary

                        Maintenance/Facilities Director



                        Food Service Director

                        Food Service Manager

                        Cafeteria Worker


Posting of a Revised Policy (1st Reading): The Board approved posting the revised policy JHCD (Administration of Medications to Students)

 JHCD (Administration of Medications to Students)

Positing of Revised Job Descriptions: The Board approved the posting of the revised job descriptions for the, Assistant Superintendent, Technology Director, and Assistant Technology Director.

Student Assessment Results:  The Board received a report on the District Annual Progress Review (APR) each Savannah R-III School APR, APR Comparisons with other school districts and APR comparisons with the State.  In addition they were given information on the High School ACT scores.

Strategic Planning meeting:  The Board approved Wednesday, October 29 for a meeting to revise the Board’s Strategic Priorities.