Savannah R-III

Board Briefs

Board of Education Meeting

November 10, 2015


Closed Session – A closed session was held for personnel matters.

Student Recognition:  The High School golf team of Claudia Wall, Delaney McKnight, Murphy Howe, and Mallory Lefler was recognized for qualifying for State competition.  Jenny Cornelius was also recognized for placing 9th at State Tennis.  The High School Girls’ Cross Country team was recognized for qualifying for the State Cross Country Meet.  Team members are: Gianna Magers, Anna Hill, Camarie Slagle, Sophie Wolken, Zoe Claycomb, and Samantha Bishop for Board recognition.  Sam Guardado also qualified as an individual to the State Cross Country Meet. 

Certified Staff Resignation:  The Board accepted the resignation of the High School Athletic/Activities Director, Bruce Humphrey, at the end of his contract year.

Classified Staff Resignation:  The Board accepted the resignation of Bridget Messick as a Food Service worker at John Glenn and Ryan Warren as a Minnie Cline paraprofessional.

Certified Staff Employment:  The Board employed Austin Bruner as a High School Special Ed. teacher.

Classified Staff Employment:  The Board employed Heather Auxier as a Middle School paraprofessional.

Substitute Teacher Employment:  The Board employed the following persons as substitute teachers; Kathleen Cooper, Catelyn Walker, Amy Ray, Tammy Sheets, Karen Kepka, Amber Rios, Delaney Steeby, Tiffany Preiss, and Nicole Voisard.

Obsolete/Surplus Equipment:  The Board approved selling of a 16 ft. chalkboard and wooden stage risers on

Fixed Asset Inventory Proposal:  The Board entered into a contract with Asset Services, Inc. to conduct a fixed asset inventory. 

Posting of Revised Policies:  The Board approved the posting (1st reading) of the following revised policies.  (To view the policies go to the November 10 Board Agenda on our website.)

            1.  BBB ~ School Board Elections

            2.  BBBA ~ Board Member Qualifications

            3.  BBC ~ Board Member Resignation

            4.  BHA ~ Board Training and Development

            5.  BHD ~ Board Member Compensation and Expenses

            6.  DGA ~ Authorized Signatures

            7.  DLC ~ Expense Reimbursement

            8.  DLCA ~ Travel Expenses

            9.  JFH ~ Student Complaint and Grievances

            10. KL ~ Public Concerns and Complaints

2016 Head High School Athletic Coaches:  The Board approved the following head coaches for the 2016 Fall Sports:

High School Girls Golf                   Tammy Steinkamp

High School Boys Soccer               Jeff O’Neal

High School Girls Softball             Karla Burnett

High School Girls Tennis              Traci Westfall

High School Girls Volleyball         Wyle Williams

High School Cross Country           Open

High School Football                      Open

Annual Progress Report (APR) results:  The Board was presented with APR Results for the 2014-2015 school year.

Special Ed. State Performance Plan Review:  The Board approved the review as presented.  

English Language Learner (ELL) Report: Special Ed. Director, Dr. Julia Schmitz, gave an overview of our ELL program.   

Title I Report:  Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Tim Mattson, and Title I teachers for Amazonia and Minnie Cline gave an overview of Title I services

Missouri School Board Association (MSBA) Fall Regional Meeting Recap: Board member, Dr. Ken Rosenauer discussed the MSBA Fall Regional Meeting topic on school discipline relating to suspensions.   

Minnie Cline Veterans Day Celebration:  Eric Wheeler and Phillip Hegeman performed a trumpet duet for the students and veterans.  Check out the video and photos on our Savannah R3 Facebook site.