Savannah R-III

Board Briefs

Board of Education Meeting

April 14, 2015


Staff Recognition:  Savannah Middle School STUCO Sponsor Kristy Reedy and student Riley Schneider were recognized for being selected as the Missouri Middle School STUCO sponsor and student of the year. Minnie Cline Elementary nominated Will Bartlett, Christopher Castro, Maggie Elgert, and Dylan Marschal for Board recognition for qualifying for state in math contests.  Minnie Cline Elementary nominated Ayden Allen, Lane Anderson, and Jordan Thornton for Board recognition for their winning essays written for the American Legion essay contest.

Commencement Speaker: Ron Jackson was approved as the 2015 Graduation speaker. He was nominated by the Senior class.

Request to Increase Staff Positions:  The Board approved an additional Kindergarten teacher at Minnie Cline, a Vo-Ag or Art teacher for the High School and a Special Education teacher for Middle School for the 2015-2016 School Year.  In addition, the Board desires that a curriculum/textbook cycle and staffing review be done in the 2015-2016 School. 

Certified Staff Employment: The following teachers were hired for the 2015-2016 school year: Megan Trautman, Minnie Cline classroom teacher; Lauren Carr, Amazonia/Middle School music teacher; Roy Noellsch, Middle School special ed. teacher; Ashley Nold, High School history teacher; Kayla Ellis, Amazonia classroom teacher; Megan Hardie, Minnie Cline classroom teacher; and Shelby Davison, Minnie Cline classroom teacher.

Certified Staff Resignation: The Board accepted the resignation of John Mann, building trades teacher, at the end of his contract year.            

Classified Staff Employment: The Board employed Steave Ashlock as a Middle School custodian and Cynthia Erickson as the Amazonia food service manager for the 2015-16 school year.

Re-Hire Part-time staff:  The Board re-hired the following part-time staff for the 2015-16 school year: Shirlee Kiner, Helena art teacher; Trudi Kepner, reading teacher at Helena and John Glenn; Jane Spencer, John Glenn reading teacher; and Patricia Brost, High School foreign language teacher.

Classified Staff Resignations:  The Board accepted the resignations of David Huff as a Middle School custodian and Hannah Almanza as an Amazonia custodian.         

Certified Staff Transfers: The Board approved transferring Kenna Miller to the Minnie Cline librarian position, Clint Howren to the Middle School principal position and Stephanie Merritt to the Middle School assistant principal position.                

Classified Staff Retirement: The Board accepted the retirement of Harold Morgan as the maintenance director and Virginia Scarbrough as the Amazonia food service manager.

Classified Staff Transfers: The Board approved the transfer of Linda Schmidt           to the Minnie Cline food service manager position and Jason Boyer as the maintenance director.    

Extra Duty Resignation: The Board accepted the resignations of Ashley Payton as an assistant softball coach and Karri Anderson as an assistant High School volleyball coach.

Substitute Teacher Employment: The Board approved the employment of Brooke Schweizer and Dana Nold as substitute teachers.

Summer Employment: The Board employed Dave Stewart, Darwin Wampler, and Gary Oliver for the mowing crew and Travis Shadrach to the summer paint crew.

Handbook Adoption:  The Board adopted the handbook for the Early Childhood Center and the Alternative Classroom for the 2015-16 school year.


Handbook Posting (1st reading): The Board accepted the posting of the High School Handbook and the Elementary Schools Handbook for the 2015-2016 school year.

Extra-duty pay adjustments: The Board adopted the adjustments to the Extra-duty pay schedule as presented.

The chart below shows the current amount of pay and changes.  Items highlighted in blue are new or revised positions.  Items highlighted in yellow are positions to eliminate.  The total increase in cost for these changes will be $8,497.

The increase in percentage of pay according to the Extra Duty Salary Schedule increase in years 4, 7, and 11.  (See Current Extra Duty Salary Schedule)

Current Fixed Position and Pay

Proposed Position and Pay

Musical Production Director  $900

5% ($1,590) 5.5% ($1,749) 6.0% (1,980) 6.5% ($2,067)

Musical Production  Vocal Inst. $900

5% ($1,590) 5.5% ($1,749) 6.0% (1,980) 6.5% ($2,067)

Musical Production Technical $900

3% ($954) 3.5% ($1,113) 4% ($1,272 4.5% ($1,431)

Non-Musical Production Director $900

5% ($1,590) 5.5% ($1,749) 6.0% (1,980) 6.5% ($2,067)

Non-Musical Assistant Director $900

3% ($954) 3.5% ($1,113) 4% ($1,272) 4.5% ($1,431)

Middle School Non-Musical  Director (New Position)

5% ($1,590) 5.5% ($1,749) 6.0% (1,980) 6.5% ($2,067)

Co-Future Farmers of America (FFA) Sponsors $1,900*

6% ($1,908) 6.5% ($2,067) 7% ($2,226) 7.5% ($2,385)

Assistant FFA Sponsor $1,200


Future FCCLA $1,900

4.5% ($1,431) 5.0% ($1,590) 5.5% ($1,749)6% ($1,908)

Assistant FCCLA $1,200

4%($1,272) 4.5% ($1,431) 5% ($1,590) 5.5% ($1,749)

Co-Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) $1,900**

4.5% ($1,431) 5.0% ($1,590) 5.5% ($1,749)6% ($1,908)

Assistant FBLA $1,200


DECA $1,900***

4.5% ($1,431) 5.0% ($1,590) 5.5% ($1,749)6% ($1,908)

Assistant DECA $1,200

4%($1,272) 4.5% ($1,431) 5% ($1,590) 5.5% ($1,749)

Technology Specialist $750****



Middle School Quiz Bowl $125 (new position)

Teen Outreach $3,075*****

5% ($1,590) 5.5% ($1,749) 6.0% (1,980) 6.5% ($2,067)

National Honor Society $125*******


Savannah High Players $125


Social Science Club $125


Spanish Club $125

Foreign Language Club $125

Math Counts $125


Special Olympics $200


Middle School Honor Society $125


Future Teachers of America $125


French Club $125

Foreign Language Club $125

Psychology Club $125


Middle School Intramurals $1,800




Current Salary Schedule Position and Pay

Proposed Salary Schedule Position and Pay

Journalism 4%($1,272) 4.5% ($1,431) 5% ($1,590) 5.5% ($1,749)

Student Media Productions ******* 8% ($2,544)  9%($2,862) 10% ($3,180) 11%($3,498)

Community Ed. 8% ($2,544)  9%($2,862) 10% ($3,180) 11%($3,498)



High School Cross Country Assistant 2.5%($795) 3%($954) 3.5%($1,113)  4%($1,272)


Middle School Cross Country 5.25%($1,670) 6%($1,908) 6.75%($2,147)  7.5%($2,385)

Middle School Pep Club 3% ($954) 3.5% ($1,113) 4% ($1,272 4.5% ($1,431)



Middle School Yearbook  3% ($954) 3.5% ($1,113) 4% ($1,272 4.5% ($1,431)

  • *Co-FFA Sponsors – FFA Sponsors share equal responsibility so the pay should be equal. We would then drop the Assistant FFA Sponsor.

  • **Co-FBLA Sponsors—Some of the current sponsors make more than the proposed salary schedule.  (These persons would be “held harmless”.)

  • ***The current sponsor makes more than the proposed salary schedule. (This person should be “held harmless”.)

  • ****Technology Specialists – We are recommending that this position remain as a “fixed position” at $1,000, but the amount should increase when the base increases.

  • ***** The current sponsor makes more than the proposed salary schedule. (This person should be “held harmless”.)

  • ******Currently all teachers use career ladder hours instead of collecting $125 for any position that pays $125.

  • *******This position has grown over the past few years to include newspaper, yearbook, and Savage Media News.

Disposal of Obsolete Equipment: The Board approved the list of obsolete equipment as presented to be sold through Surplus Property,

MFC 8220 Brother Fax Machine 3

Kindergarten Chairs                                   20

Kidney table                                     1

HP Laser Jet 1018                           1

11" Black Strip Pads 5 pads per case         10

11" White Super Polish Pads 5 pads per case      5

2015-2016 Health Insurance:  The Board approved the Cigna Health Insurance Plan through the services of Thomas McGee and MPR.  The monthly cost for Savannah R-III employees will remain at $10.00 for the base plan.  The additional cost to the District will be $48,238.

“Safety Town”:  “Safety Town” has a long history in St. Joseph. Starting this summer Safety Town will also be held at Minnie Cline Elementary School, but open to all Savannah 5 to7 year olds, for a two week session. The first session will be June 29 through July 2 and the second session form July 6 through July 9.

Wi-Fi Access: The Board approved bids to install Wi-Fi access at John Glenn and Minnie Cline elementary schools this summer.

Student Intern to address the Board goal to “Improve/Increase Community Outreach and Communication”:  Information was shared about developing a partnership with Missouri Western to address this goal.  Additional information will be presented at the May 12 meeting.

Technology use at the High School:  Principal Zac Coughlin gave an overview of technology use at the High School and demonstrated the use of “Kahoots” and “Plickers”.

Election of Board Officers: The Board elected the following persons as Board officers: Jim Vega, President; Ken Rosenauer, Vice-President; Tracy Skoglund, Treasurer; and Kate Drew, as Secretary.


Board Committee Members:  The Board appointed members to various committees. They are:

Policy: Jennifer Peterson and Linda Kozminski

TABS: Dyann Duncan and Jennifer Peterson

Technology: Mark Schneeflock and Linda Kozminski

Professional Development: Linda Kozminski and Susan Garrison

MSBA Delegate: Dr. Ken Rosenauer

MSBA Alternate: Mark Schneeflock

Savannah R-III Education Foundation: Dr. Ken Rosenauer