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Savannah R-III

Board Briefs

                                             Board of Education Meeting                                                

                                             April 12, 2016                                                                              

Closed Session:  A closed session was held for personnel and negotiations.


 Student Recognition: 

·         The following high school Debate and Forensics students were recognized for qualifying for National Competition; Katrin Hunter in Original Oratory; Kaylee Sharp in Public Forum Debate; and Nathan Davis in Public Forum Debate

·         The following DECA students were recognized for qualifying for national competition: Liz Every, Anna Hill, Griffin Irvine, Kaelee Koranda, Kaylee Sharp, Mason Smith, Stephen Pruett, Nathan Davis and Marcus Mallen.

·         The following FCCLA students were recognized: Hannah Bretz and Sydney Sharp for their Chapter Service Project Display; Ian Slagle, Dawson Dowdall, and Tage Young for their Chapter Service Project Portfolios; Grace Ray for her Recycle and Redesign; and Camarie Slagle for her National Programs in Action.

·         The following high school wresters were recognized for placing at the State meet; Jake Huffman, Peyton Smith, Kaden Erhardt, Brant Price, Michael Hummer, and Jeremiah Glise. The team’s record was 20-11.  They placed 7th at State (a Savannah School Record).

·         The High School Student Council received State Recognition for Community Service.  Student Officers Briar Butner and Rebecca Ernst spoke about earning the Missouri Association of Student Councils Gold Award.

·         FBLA State Qualifier, Stephen Pruett, preformed his State Qualifying skit to the Board.


Administrative Staff Employment: The Board employed the following individuals as Administrators for the 2016-2017 School Year: Nicole Throgmartin, Assistant Principal, at Minnie Cline and Robert Sigrist as the High School Principal.      


Teaching Staff Employment: The following teachers were hired for the 2016-2017 School Year: Jacob Phillips, Middle School Science Teacher; Jami Felton, Middle School Special Ed. Teacher; Abigail Winder, Amazonia/Minnie Cline Counselor; Taylor Kennedy, Physical Education Teacher at Minnie Cline; Amanda Heimbaugh, John Glenn teacher; Barbara Goebel, Middle School Science Teacher; Jessica Bolger, Social Science and Language Teacher at the Middle School; and Brooke Schweizer, Amazonia Special Ed. Teacher.

Certified Staff Resignation: The Board accepted the resignation for the following teachers: Robert Welter, Middle School Science Teacher; Ann Hines, Minnie Cline Teacher; Brett Morgan, High School Special Ed. Teacher; and Jessica Gillespie, a John Glenn Teacher.                                                                                                                                                                                     

Classified Staff Resignation:  The Board accepted the resignation of Aimee Auxier, Paraprofessional; and Brandon Vessar, Minnie Cline Custodian.

Classified Staff Retirement: The Board accepted the retirement of Diana Arn, Paraprofessional.


Substitute Teacher Employment: The Board employed Charis Cox, Sarah Brought, and Jenny Hocker as Substitute Teachers.

Summer Mowing Crew: The Board employed Dave Stewart, Darwin Wampler, and Gary Oliver as the Summer Mowing Crew.

Disposal of Obsolete Equipment:  The Board approved the sale of following projectors on;  Epson PL53, 5 - Epson PL 82c, Epson PL 93t, 3 - Epson PL53, 2 - Epson PL 55, Mitsubishi XD221u, and 2 - Mitsubishi XD430u.


Summer School Schedule:  The Board approved Summer School for the High School, Middle School, Minnie Cline, John Glenn, Helena, and Amazonia. The summer school session will be from Tuesday, May 31st through Thursday, June 30th, 2016.


Adoption of 2016-2017 Handbooks:  The Board adopted the Middle School, Alternative Classroom, and the Early Childhood Center Handbooks for the 2016-2017 school year.


Posting of Student Handbooks (1st Reading):  The Board accepted the posting of the 2016-2017 Savannah High School Handbook, the Savannah Elementary Schools Handbook, Gifted Program Handbook, and School Aged Child Care Handbook as presented. 

2016-2017 Board Goals: The Board approved the goals and each of their objectives, strategies, and action steps for the 2016-2017 School Year as presented. 

·         Goal #1:  The Board delegates authority to the Superintendent to manage the district and provide leadership for the staff.

·         Goal #2: The Board delegates authority to the Superintendent and Technology Department to update the District Technology Infrastructure and increase internet bandwidth.

·         Goal #3: The Board will delegate to the Superintendent the authority to update and create a challenging curriculum.

Posting of a Board Policy: The Board approved the posting (1st reading) of Revised District Policy KL ~ Public Concerns and Complaints as presented. 

Curriculum Coordinator for the 2016-2017 school year: The Board approved positing of a Curriculum Director’s Job Description.

Financial Underwriting Services: The Board approved entering a contract with L.J. Hart and Company for financial underwriting services.

John Glenn Roof Repair:  The board approved the low bid from Hausmans Roofing to repair the John Glenn roof.

Website creation and messaging systems: The Board approved School Messenger for a five year contract for the creation of our websites, and messaging system the District.

Network Infrastructure Equipment: The Board approved K12 ITC for the purchase of the network infrastructure equipment for the District.

April 5, 2016 Election Results:  As certified by Sarah E. Miller, Clerk of the County Court/Election Authority, Linda Kozminski and Shelly Haeker were elected to the Board.

FEMA Grant Update: FEMA funds for a High School Saferoom are for now on hold.

School Building Times for 2016-2017 school year: Starting and ending times for the schools and teacher contracts were discussed.  A draft of this is shown below.


Savannah High School Student Time


7:45-3:00 (7 hours, 15

minutes – passing time 21 minutes)

Savannah High School Teacher Contract



Savannah Middle School Student Time


7:45-3:00 (7 hours, 15

minutes – passing time 21 minutes

Savannah Middle School Teacher Contract



Elementary Student Time

Minnie Cline 8:05-2:50

John Glenn 7:50-2:30

Helena          7:55-2:40

Amazonia     7:50-2:40

7:45-2:40 (6 hours, 55


Elementary Teacher Contract



Bus Drop Off/Doors Open







Sine Die: The Board closed the current meeting.

Break:  The Board and visitors bid farewell to Mark Schneeflock as a Board member.

Call to Order:  Superintendent, Dr. David Brax called the Organizational Meeting to order.

Conversation Café Update: Information gathered from the meeting was shared.  Input from Middle School and High School students will be gathered in the same format this spring.

Suspension and Discipline Referral Comparison: Suspension and discipline referral data comparing the 2015-2016 school year to the 2016-2017 was shared.

Oath of Office:  Linda Kozminski and Shelly Haeker were sworn in as Board members.

Selection of 2016-2017 School Board Officers and MSBA Delegates: The Board selected the following persons to the respective office:

·         President: Jim Vega

·         Vice President: Dr. Ken Rosenauer

·         Secretary: Kate Drew

·         Treasurer: Tracy Skoglund

·         MSBA Delegate: Dr. Ken Rosenauer

·         MSBA Alternate: Linda Kozminski


2016-2017 Board Standing Committee Assignments: The Board selected the following persons to serve on standing committees.

·         Technology Committee: Jim Vega and Linda Kozminski

·         Policies Committee: Shelly Haeker, Linda Kozminski and Jennifer Peterson

·         Curriculum Committee: Dyann Duncan and Jennifer Peterson

·         Professional Development Committee: Susan Garrison and Linda Kozminski


2016 Commencement Speaker: Former Savannah High Middle School Teacher, Mr. Kevin Kloth, was selected.

District Retirement Reception: The retirement reception will be held on Wednesday, May 7 at 3:30 pm at Middle School.