Savannah R-III

Board Briefs

Board of Education Meeting

August 12, 2014



MSBA Monthly Video:  The Board viewed the MSBA monthly video


Staff Recognition:  The Board recognized Dr. Julia Schmitz, Becki Booth, April Acklin, Amanda Boyer, and Traci Westfall for receiving a Transition Self-Study 2014 Special Ed. Grant.


Classified Staff Employment:  The Board employed Kristina Hirter as a part-time cook at Helena and Leigh Ann Dunn as a Minnie Cline para.

Classified Staff Resignation:  The Board accepted the resignation of Cindy Jess as a SACC employee at John Glenn, Kay Faires as the SACC Director, and Ronnie Oliver as a Maintenance worker.        

Extra Duty Employment:  The Board hired the following persons for extra duty assignments:

Wyle Williams, 8th Girls Basketball Coach; Ken Brockett, 7th Boys Basketball Coach; Ashley Payton, Assistant Softball Coach; Ashli Lawrence, Middle School Basketball Cheerleading Coach and Tanner Collins, High School Assistant Football Coach.                       


SACC Employment: The Board employed the following individuals for SACC: Elizabeth Barsch,

Becky Bell, Mary Ann Burge, Karla Burnett, Dawn Caton, Debbie Coats, Beth DeLapp, Denise Duncan, Janet Enriquez, Adrianne Erich, Anfisa Field, Elizabeth Garrison, Patricia Grissom, Brenda Kempa, Donita Lance, Shay Mayer, Connie Morey, Jill Nolen, Linda Olson, Jessica Peek, Jena Petro,

Meredith Phillips, Theresa Pieters, Linda Schmidt, Carma Way, Mickey Weibe, Megan Combs, and

Amy Hallenberg,

2014-2015 Coordinators:
The Board accepted the following coordinators: ELL Program Director, Dr. Julia Schmitz; Director of Programs for Homeless Students, Dr. Tim Mattson; Director of Programs for Migrant Students, Principals of the Schools.

Adoption of Revised Board Policies:
The Board adopted the revised Board Policies as presented.   

               AC      (Prohibition against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation)

               ADF   (District Wellness Program)

               AH     (Use of Tobacco Products and Imitation Tobacco Products) 

               BDA   (Board Meetings)

               BDC   (Closed Meetings, Records and Votes) 

              BDDF (Voting Method)


Posting of Revised Board Policies (1st Reading):  The Board approved the posting of the revised Board Policies as presented.   

            CBG   (Evaluation of the Superintendent)

            CFB    (Evaluation of Principals)

            GCN   (Evaluation of Professional Staff)

            GBBDA (Family and Medical Leave Act)

            GBCC  (Staff Use of Communication Devices)

            GBLB  (References)


Solid Waste Removal Bids:  The Board accepted the low bid from Deffenbaugh Inc. for solid waste removal for three years.

Posting of Revised Job Descriptions:  The Board approved the posting of the revised job descriptions for the: Superintendent, Principal, Assistant Principal, Accountant/Treasurer, Special Service Director, Athletic/Activities Director, A+ Coordinator, Teacher, Paraprofessional, Building Secretary, Maintenance/Facilities Director, Maintenance worker, Custodian, Food Service Director, Food Service Manager, and Cafeteria Worker.


New Teacher Evaluation Requirements:  The Board received a report on the new teacher evaluation requirements.

Head to Toe Therapy Camp:  Dr. Julia Schmitz presented a report on this camp held this summer at the Early Ed. Center.