Savannah R-III

Board Briefs

Board of Education Meeting

June 9, 2015


Closed Session:  A closed session was held to discuss student and staff issues.

Certified Staff Employment:  The Board employed Kyle Holt as a High School Business Teacher, Brant Melvin as a Middle School Math Teacher and Karen Ross as a High School Counselor.


Classified Staff Employment:  The Board employed the following persons: Travis Shewmaker,       District Maintenance; Tabitha Berry, John Glenn/Amazonia Library Para; Deana Watson, High School Secretary; Jennifer Morris, High School Secretary; and Kara Smith, Middle School Paraprofessional.                

Classified Staff Resignations:  The Board accepted the resignations of Dawn Caton, Minnie Cline Paraprofessional and Terry Bruce, Middle School Custodian.              

Retirement: The Board accepted the resignations of Dee Dee Duncan effective at the end of her 2014-2015 contract and Brad Weeks, effective December 1, 2015.

Extra Duty Employment: The Board employed the following individuals:

·        Kaysie Curran, Academic Team Coach                

·        Kyle Holt, Asst. High School Girls Basketball Coach                  

·        Kelsey Butler, 7th Grade Girls Basketball Coach

·        Micah Phillips, Middle School Wrestling Coach                           

·        Jill Porter, 8th Grade Volleyball Coach     

·        Blake Deal, Asst. Football Coach                           

·        Toby Lawrence, Asst. Football Coach                  

·        Bryson Byergo, Asst. Football Coach                    

·        Kyle Holt, Asst. Boys Soccer Coach                      

·        Kara Smith, Asst. 7th Grade Girls Basketball Coach

Summer Fitness Employment:  The Board employed Chad Smith, Toby Lawrence, Bryson Byergo, Jason Smith, Derrick Yost, Blake Deal, Chad Dreyer, and Erich Bodenhausen as part-time Summer Fitness Coaches.

Summer School 2015 Wages and Information: Summer School 2015 will run from Tuesday, May 26th through Friday, June 26th.  This will be 24 days at 7 hours a day for a total of 168 hours.  Staff Members are paid 7 hours a day at the following rates:

·        Administrators: $31/hour

·        Certified Teacher: $22/hour

·        Roving Teacher: $13.50/hour

·        Substitute Teacher: $22/hour

·        Paraprofessional: $13.50/hour

·        Secretary: $11/hour (8 hour days)

·        Nurse: $22/hour

·        Kitchen Staff: *rates next to their name

Summer School Employment: The following persons were hired for Summer School 2015:

·        Cy Musser

·        Brittnee Glise

·        Reese Prather

·        K’lea Steeby

·        Tabitha Berry

·        Jill Courtney

·        Jacki Scott

·        Hugh MacFadden

·        Toni Svuba

·        Jennifer Briner

·        Tiffany Gazarek

·        Steve Waigand

·        Linda Olson

·        Lorie Veale

·        Shannon Bush

·        Ashley Melvin

·        Allison Schweizer

·        Kathi Snyder $22.12/hr

·        Helen Bruce $9.00/hr

·        Judy Vonkeanel $9.00/hr

·        Larry Burns $10.10/hr

2015-2016 Service Contracts: The Board entered contracts with:

·        TalentEd: The District will continue to use TalentEd’s Recruitment and Hiring product.  The District also added the TalentEd Perform product.  This will help the Administrators complete evaluations per DESE’s criteria. 

·        Compass Learning:  Compass Learning will be used in the elementary schools. Compass Learning solutions identifies current performance levels, diagnoses skill and concept gaps through the use of STAR Renaissance Assessments. Compass Learning uses this data to prescribe individualized learning paths for each and every student through learning activities for the elementary Schools.

·        Schneider Electric: Schneider Electric will continue the tracking of energy savings, provide remote and on-site monitoring and support and provide service for system optimization.

Dairy and Bread Bids:  The Board awarded  the Dairy Bid to Highland Dairy and the Bread Bids to Graves for John Glenn., Amazonia and Helena schools and to Sysco for Minnie Cline, High School and the Middle School.  The Board approved the Highland Dairy Milk Bid.  

Eligibility Criteria for Free and Reduced meals:  The Board adopted the Federal guidelines for students to qualify for free or reduced meals.

2015-2016 Negotiated Agreement:  The Board ratified the 2015-2016 Negotiated agreement.  The base pay on the salary schedule was increased by $700 and all teachers will all receive the vertical step and those who qualify, their and horizontal step.  In addition changes were made to the leave policies:  (See June 9 Board Agenda on our website):

Classified Salary Increase:  The Board approved a 3% increase for all classified employees.

Administrative Salaries: The Board approved a 3% increase for all administrative employees.

Substitute raises:  The Board approved a 3% increase for all substitute positions.

Posting of Revised Board Policies: The Board approved the posting (1st reading) of the following policies (See June 9 Board Agenda on our website):

·        IGDA – Student-Initiated Group Use of District Facilities (K-12 Districts)

·        IKFB – Graduation Exercises

·        JHCD – Administration of Medications to Students

Adoption of Revised Board Policies: The Board adopted the Revised Policies. (See June 9 Board Agenda on our website):

·        BCC – Appointed Board Officials

·        BF – School Board Policy Process

·        CB – School Superintendent

·        FEF – Construction Contracts Bidding and Awards

·        GBCA – Staff Conflict of Interest

·        GCBDA – Professional Staff Short-Term Leave

·        GCPB – Resignation of Professional Staff Members

·        GCPD – Suspension of Professional Staff Members

·        GCPE – Termination of Professional Staff Members

·        GCPF – Renewal of Professional Staff Members

·        GDPD- Nonrenewal, Suspension, and Termination of Support Staff Members

·        IGBCB – Programs for Migrant Students

2015-2016 Gifted Program Handbooks and the 2015-2016 School-Aged Child Care Handbooks:  The Board adopted the handbooks as presented. 

High School Football Uniforms:  The Board approved the purchase of 100 uniforms.  The Football players raised $16,600 and the District will pay $5,751 additional dollars for the uniforms.

Building Trades #38:  The Board approved the floor plans for the Building Trades #38 home. 

Final 2014-2015 Budget:  The Board approved a transfer from Fund 1 to Fund 2 to cover the expenses after the final payroll is complete and adjust the 2014-2015 budget to reflect actual expenses at the end of the fiscal year.  They also authorized the administration to pay any additional bills as we close out the fiscal year. In addition they approved a $250,000 transfer from Fund 1 to Fund 4.

2015-2016 Budget:  The Board adopted the 2015-2016 Budget as presented.  Budgeted revenue is $21,792,161 and budgeted expenses are $21,791,481.