Bus Driver Recognized for Excellence

Bus Driver Recognized for Excellence
Posted on 01/17/2017
Larry Kretzer

The mom of a special needs student wrote to the school, and called Durham Transportation, to recognize driver Larry Kretzer for his act of kindness. The following excerpt is from her letter:


“I knew the bus would be late today due to the icy roads but I never expected to find the bus driver and [my son] in my garage with the bus nowhere in sight.  Larry walked him home from near the entrance of our neighborhood.  Larry is my new hero.  Larry and [my son] were both shivering and looked exhausted, but Larry made sure my son arrived home safely… I believe it’s a mile from out driveway to the entrance so it wasn’t a short walk home.  He deserves an award.”


The Board of Education would like to recognize Larry Kretzer for exceeding expectations and going above and beyond for our students.