Dear Parents/Guardians and Caregivers ~

Beginning with the 2019 ~ 2020 school year there will be changes to the district transportation procedures. For the safety of our students, each rider will be allowed only one morning stop and one afternoon stop. Durham Bus Service sets up bus routes with consistency and student safety in mind. Morning and afternoon routes must remain consistent all five days of the week.

For example:

  • Picked up at parent’s house and dropped off at daycare Monday through Friday.

  • Picked up at daycare and dropped off at grandparent’s house Monday through Friday.

  • Picked up at mom’s house and dropped off at dad’s house Monday through Friday.

In addition, because of the large number of students transported by the district, the days of the week cannot be broken up (i.e. Mon., Tues., Fri., to one location and Wed., Thurs., to another location will not be accepted).It is safest for the student to utilize consistent routing. There will not be deviation from assigned routes unless a student moves.

In the event of a court appointed split household, transportation will comply with the custody agreement on file.

For the efficiency and safety of the routes, students will only be permitted to board assigned buses.Students will not be allowed to invite others on their route.Therefore, if students need alternate transportation after school, it must be parent provided (i.e. sleepovers, birthday parties, etc.).

The district apologizes in advance for any inconvenience.Savannah R3 Schools, in combination with Durham Bus Services, strive to provide safe, timely, and efficient transportation for all students. Our hope is that by providing you early notification, you can successfully plan transportation for the 2019 ~ 2020 school year.

We appreciate your support and understanding through this change.

Dr. Eric Kurre
Superintendent of Schools

Per Durham Bus Service Policy: It can take up to three days to establish a route for a new rider. If your child regularly rides the bus and misses three days in a row, they will automatically be dropped from the bus roster and you will need to contact the bus barn to reinstate your bus privileges.