We, the students of Savannah Middle School Student Council, in order to promote the rights and the interests of the students, to develop harmonious relationships within the various groups in our school, to act as a voice on matters that directly impact our school and community, and to promote school spirit, do hereby establish the Constitution of the Savannah Middle School Student Council.


This entity will be known as Savannah Middle School Student Council, STUCO.


The purpose of this organization shall be to enhance the lives of the Savannah Middle School student body, chartering and supporting clubs, promoting community through social and educational events, and representing the student body to the Savannah community and to the outside world.


STUCO will consist of one Student Body President (known in this document as SBP) one Student Body Vice-President (known in this document as SBVP), 36 class officers, an Honor Council and at least one adviser.

The SBP and SBVP shall be elected in the spring by the following year’s 6-8th grade classes.

The 36 class officers will be elected in the fall. There will be 12 officers from each grade level. These officers will be elected by a majority of the current year’s class. Each member of the student body will vote for 12 candidates.

Honor Council will consist of the previous year’s STUCO officers who earned 50 or more points. The number of Honor Council members is unlimited.

STUCO’s advisor will be appointed by the Savannah Middle School principal.


Section A: Definition

SMS STUCO shall have an Honor Council which honors officers who have contributed a significant amount of work towards student council during the school year.

Officers must earn 50 points to earn Honor Council status.

Section B: Point System

STUCO will award points for the following:

  1. 1 point for each Wednesday STUCO meeting

  2. 1 point for each hour of work completed through special meetings or work days

  3. 1 point for serving as meeting Secretary and fulfilling those responsibilities

  4. 1 point for serving as meeting Sergeant of Arms and fulfilling those responsibilities

  5. 1 point for working TWO lunch shifts (not served on the same day)

  6. 2 points for serving as Chairperson of a committee and fulfilling those responsibilities

  7. 1 point per hour attendance at an after school STUCO event.

  8. 1 point per hour of work at an after school STUCO event.

  9. 1 point for working a during school STUCO event.

  10. 1 point for participating in TWO dress up spirit days (sponsored by STUCO or any other organization)

  11. 1 point for earning Honor Roll, 2 points for High Honor Roll, 1 point for being ZAP free at year’s end

  12. 8 points for running for Student Body

  13. 8 points for attending MASC State Convention

  14. 20 points for attending MASC Leadership Camp in Fulton, Missouri

  15. Additional point opportunities will be announced at meetings.

Points will be posted in the advisor’s classroom and will be updated by SBP bi-weekly.

Points are tracked through the STUCO roll book and STUCO sign-in book.

The SBVP will call roll at each Wednesday meeting and record attendance in the STUCO roll book. Officers are responsible for being in attendance during roll call to earn the point.

All other points are tracked through the STUCO sign-in book. Officers are responsible for signing their name in the sign-in book for ALL activities they wish to be awarded points.

The chairperson is responsible for making the sign-in book available; however, all officers should be aware of the book’s location and be responsible for signing in themselves.

Officers may NOT sign-in for an event AFTER the event has taken place.

Section C: Benefits

The benefits of Honor Council will include: 1. Recognition of achievement during STUCO meetings, 2. Announcement of achievement to the student body during National Leadership Week, 3. Automatic membership in the next year’s STUCO, 4. Participation in beginning of the school year STUCO activities including the “Intro to STUCO” assembly, and 5. Opportunity to chair a STUCO event.

8th grade Honor Council members will receive their automatic membership into the Savannah High School Student Council as long as the advisors at the high school level allow.


SMS will hold elections in the spring to elect the Student Body President and Student Body Vice President.

Candidates will declare their candidacy prior to National Leadership Week held in April. Elections will be held in May, prior to the school Variety Show.

STUCO officers must have at least 25 points to run for office and have at least a 3.0 grade point average for 3rd Quarter.

There will be an 8 candidate minimum. In order to guarantee at least 8 candidates, the following procedure will be put in place.

Deadline #1 – 1st Friday in April - open to all STUCO officers with at least 25 points. Should 8 candidates commit to running, elections will close.

Deadline #2 – 2nd Friday in April - open to all STUCO officers. Should 8 candidates commit to running, elections will close.

Deadline #3 – 3rd Friday in April - open to entire SMS student body. Elections are closed at the end of this week.

Candidates will be required to complete the following: 1. Fill out an application which will be posted in the halls of the school, 2. Give a 2-3 minute campaign speech to the 6th and 7th grade classes, 3. Assist in the organization and participate in all activities during National Leadership Week and 4. Run and organize a campaign.

Candidates will receive 8 points for running for office. These points are NOT considered in the 25 point minimum to run for office.

Each member of the student body will be allowed to vote for one candidate during their community time.

The candidate with the highest number of votes will receive the office of STUCO Student Body President and the candidate with the 2nd highest number of votes will receive the office of STUCO Student Body Vice President.

Winners of the election will be announced at the end of Election Day. The new SBP and SBVP will be “sworn in” during the STUCO Variety Show.


The current members of STUCO, which consist of the SBP, SBVP, and Honor Council, will hold elections in the fall to elect class officers.

Twelve 8th graders, twelve 7th graders, and twelve 6th graders will be elected into office.

STUCO will produce an “Intro to STUCO Assembly” at the beginning of the year to entertain, inform, and recruit new STUCO members.

STUCO handouts containing: The list of “10 things to DO to BE elected into STUCO”, Candidate Application, and Campaign Information will be handed out to interested students at the end of the assembly. This information will also be available in the office, the advisor’s classroom, online at the school’s website, and from any current member of STUCO.

10 Things to DO to BE elected into STUCO

#1 Fill out a Officer Application and turn it into the main office by 3 p.m., Thursday, Sept. ____. (Applications are available online at the school’s website, in the office, room 508, or from a current member of STUCO.)

#2 PRINT your name and grade clearly on the application. STUCO prepares the ballots from the application; sloppy handwriting increases the possibility of your name being misspelled on the ballot.

#3 On Friday, Sept. _____, check the applications hanging at the end of your grade’s hallway and double check that your application is among those posted. If you turned your application in on time and your application is NOT posted see Ms. Reedy (in room 508) by the end of the school day. If you do not, you will NOT be an official candidate, your name WILL NOT appear on the ballot, and you will have to run a write-in campaign.

#4 Prepare your campaign. Read and follow the Campaign Information located on the back of the application information.

#5 Campaign for office September _____.

#6 Plan to attend optional STUCO meetings on Wednesday, Sept. ___ and Wednesday, Sept. ___ from 3:15-4 p.m. Once you have turned in your application you are welcome to attend these two STUCO meetings. (All STUCO meetings throughout the school year are held on Wednesday’s from 3:15-4 p.m. in room 508)

#7 Vote for your top 12 candidate choices in your grade level, remember to circle your own name. Voting will take place during Community on September ______.

#8 Stop handing out all campaign material by 4 p.m. on September _____.

#9 Wait for the announcement of the winners during the STUCO assembly on the morning of Friday, Sept. _____.

#10 Have fun and enjoy the experience, win or lose, of running and campaigning for a student government position.


Candidates’ applications will be posted at the end of their grade’s hallway. The application will have the candidates name, photograph, one interesting fact about the candidate, and a statement explaining why students at SMS should vote for them.

Candidates are allowed to post ONE small campaign poster (no larger than 8 ½ by 11 inches) on the bulletin board at the end of their grade’s hallway.

A list of voting tips will be handed out to each member of the student body. On the back of those tips will be printed an official list of STUCO candidates.

The voting tips will be:

Tip 1 Know the Candidates
Look through the list of names on the back and make sure you can put a name with the face. If you can’t, look at the applications posted at the end of the hallway, each has a photo.

Tip 2 Look at the Applications
Along with the candidate’s photo, you can also find interesting information about that candidate and their reason you should vote for them.

Tip 3 Read Campaign Posters and Campaign Materials
Although campaigning is optional, you can learn a lot about a candidate through the work they put into their campaign. Campaigning is how these candidates ask for your vote.

Tip 4 Ask this Question.
Before voting for your 12 candidates, ask yourself this question, “Will these people I select consider my views when making decisions?” If you answer yes, you have selected the right person to represent you in student government.

Candidates may distribute campaign materials which adhere to the following campaign instructions. Any candidate who breaks one of these guidelines will not be allowed into STUCO should they be elected into office.

  1. Candidates may not use class time, pride time, or community time to hand out or distribute campaign materials. This is only allowed before and after school, between classes and during lunch.

  2. No food or candy of any type may be passed out to students.


  4. No posters may be hung on walls, doors, lockers, windows, trashcans, railings, bathroom stalls, ceilings, floors, water fountains, or any other imaginable location. No posters other than the ONE 8 ½ by 11 size poster allowed on the bulletin board.

  5. Campaign materials MAY NOT BE COMMERCIALLY PURCHSED OR MASS PRODUCED. Materials may be self made digitally with a maximum of 50 copies created.

  6. Campaign information should be informative, decorative, meaningful, and logical.

  7. Campaign materials must be hand created by the candidate. Help is allowed.

  8. The cost of campaign materials may not exceed $20.


Section A: Meeting Times

STUCO meetings will be held each Wednesday after school from 3:15-4 p.m. in the advisor’s classroom.

Section B: Order

Order will be maintained during the meetings by following an agenda and meeting rules, appointing a Sergeant of Arms and Secretary, and allowing only three Points of Order, P.O.O.

An agenda will be written by the SBP and advisor prior to Wednesday’s meeting. Any member of STUCO or the SMS Student Body may put an item of business on the agenda.

The agenda will be posted on the Savannah School District’s website at least one day prior to Wednesday’s meeting.

Points of Order, P.O.O., are called when the officers’ attention needs to be redirected to the topic of conversation. This can occur when side conversations break out, the noise level is too high, the discussion does not follow the agenda, or meeting rules are not being respected. A maximum of three points of order are allowed for each meeting.

There are two consequences for a fourth P.O.O. to be called. The first, the meeting is adjourned and all members of STUCO are dismissed and must immediately go home. The second, the next STUCO event is cancelled.

The SBP will run the meeting by: 

  1. Appointing a meeting secretary and sergeant of arms, 

  2. Calling the meeting to order on time, 

  3. Staying on topic by following the agenda, 

  4. Calling on officers who have hands raised, 

  5. Calling for votes, counting votes, and announcing decisions of votes, 

  6. Leading the STUCO cheer at the end of the meeting, and 

  7. Adjourning meetings on time.

The SBVP will take roll and assist in all votes. The SBVP will take over the SBP’s meeting duties in their absence.

Should both SBP and SBVP be absent during the same meeting, the 8th grade officer who holds the highest number of points in meeting attendance will run the meeting.

A different Secretary and Sergeant of Arms will be appointed for each meeting. The appointed Secretary will receive one point if detailed minutes are taken during the meeting and those minutes are read at the following STUCO meeting. The appointed Sergeant of Arms will receive one point if order is kept throughout the meeting and no points of order are called.

Section C: Meeting Rules

The following rules are to be followed at each STUCO meeting:

  1. Arrive on time

  2. Remain in the meeting until the SBP adjourn the meeting. Should you need to leave early, you must communicate your need to the SBP prior to the beginning of the meeting. When leaving early, you must leave quietly, as to not disturb business.

  3. Cell phones must be turned off. No phone calls or texting are allowed during the meeting. If you need to use the phone, quietly leave the meeting.

  4. Raise your hand if you wish to address the council. You must be recognized by the SBP before speaking.

  5. Food and drink is allowed in the meetings, but must be cleaned up before leaving the classroom.

  6. Desk must be put back where they belong in the advisor’s classroom, and all chairs must be placed on top of the desks at the end of the meeting.

Section D: Meeting points

All weekly STUCO meetings are worth one STUCO point.


Section A: Officer Expectations

  1. Maintain a “C” average

  2. Commit to becoming a positive leader in our school.

  3. Attend weekly Wednesday meetings from 3:15-4 p.m. in room 508.

  4. Be an active and courteous member of the council during meetings.

  5. Serve on at least one committee, which will require additional after school and/or weekend time commitments.

  6. Attend Officer Training.

  7. Attend and participate in all STUCO activities and encourage other to attend and participate.

  8. Voice your opinion on behalf of the students who voted you into office.

Section B: Student Body President Expectations

  1. Organize and run fall and spring elections

  2. Organize and run Officer Training Day

  3. Appoint at least one committee chair for each STUCO event

  4. Preside over all weekly meetings by:

  5. Appointing a meeting secretary and sergeant of arms,

  6. Calling the meeting to order on time,

  7. Staying on topic by following the agenda,

  8. Calling on officers who have hands raised,

  9. Calling for votes, counting votes, and announcing decisions of votes,

  10. Leading the STUCO cheer at the end of the meeting,

  11. Adjourning meetings on time.

  12. Update points on the point board, minimally, bi-weekly.

  13. Preside over the Variety Show.

Section C: Student Body Vice President Expectations

  1. Assist in organizing and running fall elections.

  2. Assist in organizing and running Officer Training Day

  3. Take roll at all weekly meetings and assist with counting votes

  4. Preside over weekly meetings if the SBP is not in attendance.

  5. Keep an updated and accurate sign-in book.

  6. Run the STUCO concession stand.

  7. Assist in presiding over the Variety Show.

Section D: Committee Chair Expectations

Committee chairs will be appointed by the SBP from members of Honor Council. There will be at least on chairperson for each STUCO event. Chairpersons who successfully complete their assignment, leave documentation for the next chairperson, and send out thank you notes will receive TWO additional points, on top of the points awarded for time, for their efforts.



  • STUCO Introduction Assembly

  • Fall Elections

  • Election Assembly

  • Volleyball Concession Stand

  • Officer Training Day

  • Homecoming Spirit Week

  • NW District Meeting


  • Community Service Project

  • Mix it Up Day

  • December Assembly

  • Teacher Appreciation Breakfast


  • Mix it Up Day

  • Lip Sucker Sales

  • February Dance and Mixer

  • Special Olympics Fundraiser

  • Polar Bear Plunge


  • State Convention

  • Teacher of the Year Nomination

  • Teacher Appreciation Week

  • MAP Assembly

  • Spring Elections

  • Spring Election Assembly

  • National Leadership Week

  • Variety Show

  • Retirement and Leaving Teacher Recognition


STUCO will retain membership in the Missouri Association of Student Councils, MASC, should the dues remain $100 per year.

STUCO will attend the yearly Northwest District Meeting and send four delegates to the MASC state convention.

The four state convention delegates will be the top two 8th grade point holders and the top two 7th grade point holders.

STUCO will strive to be yearly recognized as a Missouri All-State Honor Council Member.


A three-fourths majority is needed to approve any amendments to this document. All ratified amendments shall take effect immediately.