Students of the Month - Sponsored by SHS StuCo

M. Elgert

"Maggie is kind to all, motivated student, always has a smile on her face."

- Mrs. Fischer

J. Sullivan

"Despite life's challenges, Jax always is determined to complete his work and is confident in his abilities. He perseveres and rises above the average."

- Mrs. Bunse

Taylor Owen

"Taylor has always been a great student and comes to 1st hour everyday with a positive attitude."

- Ms. Rosenauer

Micah McFadden

"Micah is always respectful and goes above and beyond in class. He works hard to achieve the grades in class and is always kind to his peers. Micah works hard not only for his grades, but for his character as well."

- Mrs. Dudley

Peyton T.

She works hard everyday, turns in her work, and is willing to help others around her. - Mrs. Nold

- Peyton Tannehill (Februrary)

Sean W.

Sean has been doing great in class and turning in his work! -Miss Olsson

- Sean Wyble (February)

Cale H

Cale is such a positive and respectful student. He is always fun to have in class! - Ms. Livesay

- Cale Higer (January)

Avery P.

Avery has a good work ethic. She is always respectful and polite. -Mr. Haugen

- Avery Pasley (January)

Halie Maddox

Halie goes above and beyond to make sure her peers and even me as the teacher are having a good day. I feel like Halie does a lot of work around school without ever seeking recognition. - Ms. Rosenauer

- Halie Maddox (December)

Jacob Gibson

Jacob does all his work, listens in class, and works well with others. - Mrs. Nold

- Jacob Gibson (December)

Kayleigh Darnell

She is all around a very nice and active student. She makes everyone in the room feel comfortable and heard. - Mrs. McKie Kayleigh Darnell is a great student, but more than that, she is one of the most pleasant people to be around. -Mrs. Green

- Kayleigh Darnell (November)

Patrick Hovey

Patrick is a good student who is always aware of his deadlines. and is very conscious. He is always willing to help other students and the teacher. He is very creative and often he will find time to do extra work.- Mrs. Hinton

- Patrick Hovey (November)

T. Thompson

Tryden always treats other students with respect and assists others with homework whenever they have a question even if he is busy with his own assignments. - Mr. Punzo

- Tryden Thompson (October)

M. Olszowka

Maddee has done an amazing job to start the year in college algebra. She is willing to do whatever necessary to stay ahead, even when being gone for tennis. Her drive and industriousness make her a model student for her peers. - Mr. Melvin

- Maddee Olszowka (October)