what is the pride store

Each month, we hold a PRIDE Store for our students.  

Students earn points throughout the month for demonstrating PRIDE behaviors- being Productive, Respectful, In Control, Determined, and Excellent.  We track these points through Class Dojo.  For example:

  • If a student is observed getting straight to work on an activity, they might earn a point for being Productive.
  • If a students uses manners when interacting with others, they may earn a point for being Respectful.
  • If a student is standing in the hallway with his/her hands and feet to themselves, not touching the walls, they could earn a point for being In Control.
  • If a student perseveres in an activity instead of getting frustrated, that may mean they earn a point for being Determined.
  • When a student is being a role model for others, they might earn a point for being Excellent.

Parents can log in to Class Dojo and see what their students have earned points for as well as when they redeem points.

Students then "spend" these points at the PRIDE Store once a month.  PTO has been very kind to help sponsor the store along with several families that have sent in donations.  We are always looking for new or gently used items to keep the store up and running!  What kind of items?  Think garage sale.  Items range in price from 1 to 100+ Dojo points depending on what it is.  Check out these pictures to get an idea:


Books- all books are always 1 point to purchase, we love to encourage our readers!

Pop and candy- because what kid doesn't like those?!

.  .  

"Big Ticket" Items- some of the more expensive items this month include a mini-fridge, Google Home mini, polaroid camera with accessories, a Savannah Savage light, a Minecraft Nerf gun, and a steer footstool.

Coupons- every month, there are a variety of coupons for experiences.  Some of these include:  helping other teachers, moving desks in the classroom, bringing items from home, extra recess, etc.

And tables and tables of everything in between!

Something new we have begun this year is each grade being assigned a month to provide goods and/or services.  5th grade kicked this off in October by offering services such as nail painting and various sports lessons along with goods such as pet rocks, stress balls, lava bottles, and bracelets.  Fourth grade provided goods this month.  They offered fans, lava bottles, stickers, airplanes, and craft animals.  

We want to give a HUGE shout-out to Crystal Waldroff who has taken on organizing the PRIDE Store this year.  She has spent countless hours and (real) dollars organizing, pricing, settting up, tearing down, and brainstorming how to make the experience even better for our students.  Also a thank you to Mallarie Schafer, Rita Maag, and Tiffany Gerken who have regularly volunteered to help during monthly PRIDE Stores.

If you are interested in helping with the PRIDE Store or donating items, please let us know!  It is definitely a highlight of our students' month!