Students of the Month - Sponsored by SHS StuCo

C. Higer

Cale is always full of energy and laughter. He is welcoming and kind to others. Bad days are not a thing for him and his enthusiasm is contagious to all! SHS is lucky to have him as part of the study body! - Mrs. Crawford

K. Grissom Jan

I am nominating Keely because she is always a bright spot in my day! She is a great classmate -always kind, friendly, and welcoming to others. She does her best on all class activities/assignments & asks for help if/when she needs it. I appreciate Keely's drive to learn and do her best! - Strasser

H. Ebersold Dec

Harper is always kind and engaged in class. -Ms. Rosenauer

D. Williams Dec

Devin always has a positive attitude and he deserves something nice to make up for his embarrassing fall at the HOCO assembly.- Ms. Rosenauer

K. Boston- November 22

Kaylee Boston- Kaylee is a determined and hardworking student. I am so proud of her for trying new things and never giving up, even when things get very difficult. Keep up the great work, Kaylee! - Mrs. Boyer

A. Mendoza-November 22

Aaron always tries his best at everything he attempts. He always comes to class with a smile and a cheerful greeting. Aaron never knows a stranger and always sees the best in people. - Mr. Punzo

M. Morgan

MacKenzie is always willing to help others, very polite in class and is a hard worker. - Mr. Hopkins

N. Boyer

Nate goes above and beyond when anything is asked of him. He is always kind and positive and represents those qualities and characteristics that we would hope for any Savannah student to have!- Mrs. Aeschliman