Students of the Month - Sponsored by SHS StuCo

C Walsh

“Cy exhibits exceptional character at school and in his home-life. He is a caring, giving individual. When presented with an opportunity to help others, Cy will rise to the occasion, even at great personal sacrifice. He makes us all very proud.” - Anonymous

A Jones

“Ambi is always working hard to maintain her grades, she is very mature when it comes to asking questions and wanting feedback, whether it be good or bad.” - Mrs. Stillman


“Landon is so sweet! He always asks great questions and works well with all students. I am so proud of him!”- Mrs. Dittemore


"Connor is always engaged during lessons and always brings a positive energy to the environment around him.”- Ms. Rosenauer

Cade Nicholson

“Cade takes care of the library and office staff everyday and makes sure we don't forget anything!” - Mrs. Walker


“Kendra is a great student and a great friend to her peers...she has already shown qualities of a leader and role model!” - Mrs. Dittemore


"Myleigh juggles her extra-curricular involvement and her involvement in class with genuine grace and ease." - Ms. Rosenauer


"Tehren is always engaged and kind in class. She also strives to understand new concepts to their fullest understanding."- Ms. Rosenauer


“Hunter has been a role model in the 3-D classroom. He coaches students on the potter's wheel. He gives solid advice and encourages students in the classroom. He is an important person in the classroom! Plus he has a great sense of humor.” - Mrs. Hinton


“Chuck takes advice well and tries to correct her lifts.” - Coach Hopkins

Connor Hershley

“[Connor] Always asks good questions and is ready to answer and any questions thrown his way. He also received an A on the first exam.” - Ms. Zahnd

Josh Miller

“[Josh is] Always eager to learn and help others! He always volunteers in demonstration and to answer questions!” - Ms. Zahnd

T Hilsabeck

“Taylor is a very helpful young lady. She is friends with everyone and always gives 100 percent.” -Coach Hopkins

A Chambers

“[Avery is] always eager to learn and received an A on the first exam.” -Ms. Zahnd

K. Grissom Jan

Coach Hopkins-"Carter is just a happy-go-lucky young man that is nice to everyone in class."

C. Higer

Coach Hopkins-"Hadley is awesome at helping first time weightlifters with their workouts."