SHS Families,

It is hard to believe, but we are nearing the end of the school year, and many events will be
taking place that we wanted to inform you about. Please watch for updated information on our
social media accounts and website. We will do our best to send alerts if any changes occur.
Attached you will find two documents: one is a flier that outlines specific dates and events that
will take place, and the other is a schedule of assessments and the bell schedule we will be
following. Our end of year state assessments will begin on April 25th. It is imperative that your
student is in attendance during this time as many of them will be completing End of Course
(EOC) exams that are required by the state. Students will also be completing their class finals
during the last week of school. Below is the information regarding exemption of finals, SHS
assessments only. Students are not allowed to be exempt from any EOC exams.

Opting out of Finals

Students may be eligible to opt out of taking finals in some or all of their non-weighted (1.5)
classes. In order to be allowed to opt out of a final, students must meet the following

1. Students do not have a semester grade lower than 70%.
2. Must not have missed more than the equivalent of 5 days of school for the
3. No ISS/OSS for the semester.