NHS symbol

NHS is changing the process for membership. There are several reasons for implementing these new procedures for NHS membership at SHS. Mainly, we wanted a more objective, succinct process that has concrete qualifications. Names of the students meeting the qualifications and turning in completed forms on time with no excuses will be reviewed by a committee of teachers/administrators. All new members will be tapped in April.

Post 2020 NHS Process

  • This process will be implemented gradually.*

  • Eligibility

    • Junior or Senior

    • 3.5 GPA

    • 2 teacher recommendation forms completed

    • Community service hours logged while in high school- must have signed log.

      • Juniors must have 20

      • Seniors must have 30

    • List of leadership positions with explanations or a short paragraph explaining how leadership qualities are exhibited.

      • This must include a signature from the sponsor or coach of the organization

  • Process

    • Students with a 3.5 GPA are notified they may apply for NHS

    • A committee of teachers and/or administrators will use a checklist to make sure all pillars of NHS are obvious in each applicant before they are tapped.