State Swim

The first ever Girls Swim Team season has come to an end with Makenzie Kurre making a giant splash at State, with a first place and a third place win, making history at Savannah High School. Her teammates were all very proud and supported her the entire season. No matter if her teammates did or didn't win, she supported them and congratulated them no matter what. Makenzie has been said to support her teammates' accomplishment even more so than she celebrates herself and her wins.

 “She is super encouraging to the whole team; even if we aren't happy with one of our races, she is really enthusiastic and points out good things about it,” sophomore Abby Caraway said.  

She is very humble and encouraging. During the season, she is an inspiration to all the other swimmers whether she is encouraging in the pool during practice or a race or in every day life. She values hard work and tries to motivate others to work hard as well.

“She definitely sets the bar really high but my favorite thing about her is how positive and humble she always is,” Caraway said. 

  Makenzie tries her best and works hard. Her coaches, Ms. Mary Fraizer and Mrs. Diane Gould, are very proud of her and her hard work during practices. Makenzie puts in the extra effort, and would go to the pool and get two hours of swimming in before practice even started. This shows through her achievements of receiving third in her 200-freestyle race with a finals time of 1:54.77, and winning first in the 100-yard freestyle with a time of 52.55. Her coaches are ready to see all she does in the years to come and think very highly of her. They have seen her achieve so much during the season in the pool and out.

“Makenzie is an exceptionally hard working young lady who has the potential both in and out of the pool to do amazing things,” Coach Gould said. 

Her coaches would like for her to always know she is special and a very wonderful young woman. As much as she encourages others, her teammates and coaches encouraged her and helped her through the entire season.

“We both want her to know she is way better than she thinks, and that we are so incredibly proud of her. There are going to be many little girls looking up to her over at least the next few years and she is going to be a fantastic role model for them,” Coach Gould said. 

Both of her coaches are very proud of her and so are her teammates and they all cannot wait for her to make an even bigger splash next year. 

Savannah High School is delighted with her for pushing the limits and making history. Make sure to congratulate Makenzie, and celebrate her and her hard work.