Quiz Bowl 2020

Continual success can be a difficult thing to attain throughout the nine month-long period of an average school year. Balancing proper academic study alongside extracurricular activity can be an all too arduous task for many students. This balance, however, seems to be easily attainable by the members of the Savannah High School Quiz Bowl Team, who throughout this school year have reached a plethora of achievements, including their recent performance at MECs.

Taking place last Saturday, Feb. 29, at St. Pius X High School in Kansas City, the Savannah High School Quiz Bowl Team brought home with them not only their 22nd consecutive Conference Championship in a row, but a multitude of other achievements, as well. The junior varsity team ended the tournament going 3-0, and the varsity ended going 7-0; with a standout performance from senior Matthew Brown, who earned 97 points per game, ending with the most individual points of any competitor at the tournament.

There were also many underclassmen who had a chance to shine at MECs, such as geography buff freshman Brady Starmer, who played on varsity Saturday.

“If you’ve got a subject you’re really good in, it’s a lot of fun, because you can really use that to your advantage,” Starmer said.

Leading into the next school year the team also encourages incoming students to give quiz bowl a try.

“If you know quite a bit in one topic, you can contribute to the team,” freshman Cameron Rollet said. “You just have to know your stuff and study.”

 However, MECs was not the team’s last tournament this year, and the Savannah High Quiz Bowl Team plans to keep going strong for the remainder of the season with high hopes of bringing home even more success.