Dance Team 2020

One of the groups at SHS that is always busy supporting others recently received the support of the school and community.  The dance team has a large impact, especially in the morale of the school, as they perform at almost every assembly and activity. 

The dance team is made up of a group of girls spanning all grade levels. The organization is made up of seniors Bre Chappell and Nynke Reubzaat; junior Jacey Grider; sophomores Jaymee Dennis, Jade Dierenfeldt and Maggie Elgert; and freshmen Miya Drury, Alyssa Haug and Julie Freeman. The dance team is coached by Mrs. Kayla Hinton, art teacher at the high school, and Ms. Lindsey Madsen, counselor at the high school.

“I’m really proud of our energy as a group. We were complimented on it multiple times, and I think it really ties into how well we are as a team,” Dierenfeldt said.

The dance team competed at State on Saturday, Feb. 29. While they were there they competed in two events in Division II, Pom and Prop. Pom is a routine that predominantly features Pom Poms, at least 80% of the time. Prop is a dance routine that features at least one prop. 

“This is the first year that Savannah has taken two competition teams to State so I’m really happy with how they both turned out and how well we did,” Grider said.

In Pom, the dance team competed to a “Burnin’ Hot” Mix and ended up placing fourth. In Prop, they danced to a mix of different Prince songs and used chairs as their props, placing third. Another impressive award given to the team was for having the highest combined GPA. The dance team ended up placing first for the GPA with members Chappel, Grider, Dennis and Elgert all getting individual awards for their respective hard work not only in dance, but also in their schoolwork.

“It was really exciting to finish our season doing this well with both teams making it into the top five. This is the first year that Savannah has gotten this far so I'm really happy with our results,” Chappell said .

Overall the team did phenomenal, and with a large portion of the team being able to come back next year, they are expecting big things to come.