Writing Day

Writing is a wonderful skill for one to have. Through it, one can attain better creative and speaking skills, open the door to great opportunities for self expression, and for some, even discover a form of therapy. Regardless of where their love for writing stems from, a handful of Savannah High School writing lovers were given the opportunity to explore and expand their love for their craft at the Missouri Western High School Writing Day. 

On Mach. 5, a group of 20 students travelled to Missouri Western State University to engage in a plethora of different workshops and activities including, but not limited to, magazine writing, flash fiction, technical writing and poetry.

“My favorite part of High School Writing Day was being able to learn more about what I love,” sophomore Aleigha Horton said. 

After two workshops and a lunch period, attendees moved to the open mic session, where students from all around Northwest Missouri had the chance to perform their pieces. 

“My favorite part was probably at the very end when people got to go up onto the stage so they could perform their pieces that they’d written, or read their poetry,” sophomore Grace Allen said. 

This year’s High School Writing Day had the theme of “Fight for Your Write”. Students were asked to recognize the importance of writing, and how blessed they are to have not only something to write about, but the materials and opportunities to do so in the first place. 

Although this year’s High School Writing Day may have passed, students with even the slightest interest in writing are encouraged to attend next year and discover the true significance and merit of one of the world’s favorite forms of creative expression.