Savage Athletics

MEC Guidelines and SR3 

As we officially open the fall 2020 season we would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the fan guidelines currently set in place.  The MEC Guidelines listed below will be observed for ALL SHS & SMS athletic events regardless of the opponent or event type.  These guidelines will include but are not limited to Football, Band, Cheer, Dance, Soccer, Cross Country XC, Golf, Softball, Swim, Tennis, and Volleyball.  

Students who participate in these activities have been asked to turn in a list of immediate family members to their coach(es).  These lists will be utilized by gate workers for each event.  Regular admission fees will still apply.  Concessions will be available for football and volleyball games this fall.  

Midland Empire Conference Fan Guidelines  Fall 2020 

In an effort to provide the opportunity for students to participate in activities and create the safest environment for our students and their families, the MEC Board of Control has implemented the following guidelines for attendance at activities at member schools for the Fall activities season: 

  • Attendance will be limited to immediate family members of the participants (parents, grandparents, guardians, siblings). Individual students will not be admitted. 

  • Fans (including any family members that are students) will be expected to sit with their families and maintain social distancing from other fans. There will be no student section

  • Face coverings will be required at all indoor events and may be required at outdoor events, subject to local health guidelines. 

  • Band and dance teams will be allowed to perform and attend home events and their immediate families will be admitted as well. Band and dance teams will not remain in the event once their performances have concluded. To minimize the number of fans in the event, families of band and dance teams are encouraged to attend only the performance of their respective students. There will be no pep band. 

  • Cheerleaders will be allowed at home and away events and their immediate families will also be admitted. 

The goal of the MEC Board of Control is to take as many precautions as possible to provide these opportunities for our students. Additionally, it is the goal of the Board of Control to create an opportunity for families to attend these events in person. These guidelines are subject to modification based upon directives and recommendations from health care professionals. Your cooperation is appreciated.