Pink Out

Savannah High School is kicking off their annual breast cancer awareness nights. These nights are referred to as Pink Nights. This is a time for the athletics department and the students and staff of Savannah to show their awareness at different events by wearing pink. 

Savannah has been participating in pink outs for many years now. Different Savannah teams and opponents wear pink and usually the spectators wear pink as well.  Though there is not a student section at the games, the high school is looking at other ways to support.  On Tuesday this week teachers were encouraged to wear pink. 

Volleyball was the first sport to have their night of support, which they hold every year, called “ Dig the Pink”.  The cheer and dance teams have also added pink to their uniforms at the football games.  All the sports are proud to be able to show their support to the people who are currently battling breast cancer, have survived breast cancer, or the families who have been affected by this horrible disease. 

“It's a little more humbling for our athletes knowing that they are playing for someone that they love and care about.  All of us have a tendency to get wrapped up in our own worlds at times...nights like these help us put things in perspective,” activities director Mr. Chad Dreyer said. 

The nights are a humbling time for everyone involved; for most people know someone who has fought or is fighting cancer. It is a time where they put all their focus on the games. They get really hyped up beforehand in the locker room because they know they are playing for a bigger cause than themselves, and they hope they share the message of awareness with all.

“Pink out is all about taking time to remember a loved one who left us too early due to cancer and to lend a helping hand to support someone currently fighting their battle,” Dreyer said.

 All the sports are looking forward to their awareness games, if they haven’t already had them.  Savannah High School wishes all the luck to those teams and reminds all to wear pink to show awareness for breast cancer.