State Golf

Golf may not be a sport that people think of first when thinking of high school sports, yet golf is very successful. Both the girls and boys golf teams have done very well, going to State regularly. This year is no different.

Last week the girls golf team competed against many other schools in District Competition. Girls golf members who competed in Districts were seniors Zoe Matlack and Jacey Grider; junior Maggie Elgert and sophomore Mollee Olszowka. They competed very well and placed second overall. 

Much to the delight of the team, two made it to the State Competition, Matlack and Olszowka.  This is not unfamiliar territory for the two, however. Last year both girls made it to the same competition along with two of the 2020 graduates. While they didn’t win State last year, they still placed well and they are hoping to improve this year.

“I was very content with how I competed the first day. It was around my average so I hope I can do even better the second day and come out better than last year. I'm hoping to make it to State all of my years in high school and make All-State, and this is getting me closer to that goal,” Olszowka said.

Even though the girls have already been to State they still understand that it is a privilege to be able to go and will try their very best to place even higher than they did last year. Before they left, they were sent off with a celebration of people lining the  hallways cheering them on. 

Due to publication deadlines, the final results for State Golf are unavailable, but Savannah High School hopes that they enjoyed their time at the tournament, and no matter what the outcome was, SHS is so proud to see all that those girls have already accomplished.