Veteran's Day Celebration: Ashley Nold High School Teacher

A Salute to OUR SR3 Hero!

Ashley Nold 

History Teacher -- Savannah High School

United State Army

Ms. Nold is more than just a history teacher at Savannah High, she's also a veteran of the United States Army.   

"I enlisted in the Army when I was 17 because I did not have much of a plan after High School, and felt like that would at least make money.  When I first enlisted my job was in EOD, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, but that was only until I decided to go to college. I then transferred to the Army National Guard and had to change my job to logistics."

"The most rewarding part of my 8 years of service was obviously the money and the chance to go to college. But also, I have lifelong friendships from literally all over the US and other countries. I would have never had such an opportunity otherwise. "