FCCLA Celebrates National Week

Savannah High School is starting February off with a bang with many annual events.  One of those is FCCLA, or Future Career Community Leaders of America, week. FCCLA week was held between Feb. 8-12. They usually would have trivia throughout the week with prizes and in school challenges to make the week more exciting, yet this year presented weather-related challenges.

“FCCLA week is a way to celebrate the organization and just bring to light the opportunities with FCCLA,” FCCLA advisor Ms. Rachel Livesay said. 

This year they were not able to have a full week of school during FCCLA week, due to weather, so instead of skipping the celebration all together the FCCLA officers put together a plan to celebrate Valentine's Day and the last day of FCCLA week all together.  They had announcements made so all the members could be notified of the celebration. On the last day the officers brought in an assortment of snacks and candies to build Valentine's Day decorated goodie bags. Even though they haven't been able to do as many service projects as they normally would throughout the school year, the officers wanted to show their appreciation for the members and what they have been able to accomplish so far despite the challenges. 

“Each school year has had differences in the timing of the week and Covid has changed some of what we have done,” Ms. Livesay said. 

FCCLA plans on continuing to be involved as much as possible throughout the rest of the school and they hope to be able to give back and help out even more. 

Savannah High School is proud to see FCCLA members giving back to the community and spreading kindness throughout. We hope they are able to accomplish what they would like to without many challenges and are supporting them along the way. Happy FCCLA week to all.