Winter HOCO 2021: How the chips fell

The 2021 Winter homecoming was off to a rocky start but ended with a bang. This year's homecoming theme was “It’s Game Time”, a board game theme Some of the dress up days were “Game of life” future career, “Connect four” group day, and Black and gold show your Savage pride. Many students had fun dressing up this year, some of them dressing like their favorite teachers. 

This year winter homecoming was hard to plan with the weight of Covid and weather over all of us, but that was not going to stop STUCO from planning a fantastic winter homecoming.

“This year was very different because of Covid, but we made it work and still made it a fun homecoming! We also got to have our first real (socially distanced) pep assembly!” senior Jillian Cook said.

This semester students got to have their first socially distanced pep assembly. This assembly meant a lot to many seniors and band members. During this assembly they crowned the King and Queen, as well as the presentation of the other candidates along with the freshman, sophomore and junior attendants. 

Attendants were, freshman Macy Keling, sophomore Saylor Ray and junior Rylee Tipton. Candidates for King were seniors Drew Collier, Chase Hinton and Quay Jeter, while the Queen candidates were Rylee Benight, Emily Bledsoe and Kenzie Schopfer. After getting introduced to the crowd, the winners were announced to the public. Quay Jeter and Emily Bledsoe were given the honor of being named the 2021 Winter King and Queen.  The two seniors were crowned and then paraded around the gym for a  memorable courtwarming. 

“It felt AMAZING! I felt so honored to even be nominated as a queen and even better to be up with such great candidates!” Bledsoe said.

Sadly the Winter Homecoming game against Chillicothe was canceled due to inclimate weather.  A formal coronation ceremony will take place at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 18 before the girls take on Marville.

Thank you to everyone that made homecoming possible and congratulations to Quay and Emily.  A special thanks to Savannah High Administration for finding a way for us to safely celebrate Homecoming. Go Savannah!