CNA 2021

Every year the Health Occupations students work hard to accomplish one massive goal: passing the CNA test.  Those this year has had many changes, this was not one of them.  The Health Occupation students came to school Monday, Feb. 16, despite not having school, to take the CNA test. All of the students passed and have officially become certified nursing assistants.

 The class consists of 13 senior girls and is taught by Mrs. Michele Heastan. The state test includes a hand written portion and a hands-on portion to assure their competency. The test in total took around five hours to complete. 

They began clinicals last week and will continue to attend the clinical visits throughout the rest of the spring semester. They will be tested regularly for Covid-19 and have proper PPE at all times. Mrs. Heastan, Health Occupations teacher, has been teaching them everything they need to know whilst she prepares them for the test and spring clinic visits.

Savannah High School is proud of these classmates and can’t wait to keep up with their great work.