Savannah High School’s Band has competed in their annual solo and ensemble contest. This year they conducted the contest in a different manner than past years. Instead of going to St. Joseph's Central High School to compete in person, the competitors were to record themselves and send in their pieces.

They scored them as if they were already at the State level of the competition, rewarding them either a bronze, silver or gold. This year the high school band only had solo players that wished to compete. The people who were awarded bronze were: sophomore Janelle Kauffman, clarinet; junior Khia Haley, saxophone; and senior Taryn Reents, clarinet. People who were awarded silver were: freshman Emeline DeLapp, French horn; sophomore Audrey Gilbert, clarinet; junior Emily O’Neal, baritone saxophone; junior Nadia Watkins, flute; senior Jozie Wolff, saxophone; and freshman Kathryn Yingling, saxophone. The person that was awarded gold was freshman Iris Alvarez, flute. 

  Mr. Justin Kline and Mrs. Jennifer Prather, the band's directors, are proud of everyone that competed. 

Savannah High School congratulates them all on their success.