Savannah High School's Dance Team competed at Regionals on Jan. 21-22. The dancers competed against about 50 other teams, in front of a group of judges. The group gains the lead and falls by a point system as they compete based on technique, difficulty, personality and facial expressions. The team is led through the dance by two coaches, head coach Mrs. Lauren Deal and assistant coach Ms. Raelynn Hanna. The girls worked hard to earn third place with their hip-hop routine. There are two seniors on the team this year, Jade Dierenfeldt and Gillian Heller. 

Heller has been a part of the dance team for one year, but is proud with how far she has come.

“I’m most proud of placing with my solo at both competitions. I’m also proud of my team for working hard all season and making it an amazing year. Lastly, I am proud of our biggest accomplishment for placing first for hip-hop at our first competition,” Heller said.

Dierenfeldt has been a member of the team for three years of her high school career.

“This season has been so amazing for us and we’ve bonded so much. I was so proud at how much we had accomplished and knew we worked hard to get where we were. It took a lot of sweat and tears from us all but created an amazing team in the end. The greatest accomplishment for us is seeing how our hard work affects the student body, we always feel so confident with the student section screaming at us, it gives us energy. The future for the team looks amazing and I can’t wait to see what becomes of them next year,” Dierenfeldt said. 

Savannah High School is proud of how far the dance team has come, and continues to improve throughout the rest of the season.