State Band

Iris Alvarez has had an exceptional sophomore year from competing in State Tennis to very recently performing with the All-State Band. All-State Band is a wind ensemble that consists of some of the best musicians in the state. Alvarez had to go through many different forms of auditions to secure herself as the sixth chair in the ensemble, basically equating to sixth place in the state. 

“First, I had to audition for the All-District Band around mid November. In order to advance to ASB, I had to make the All-District Concert Band, in which I made second chair. Then, I went to Columbia for the ASB auditions around early December and auditioned in person in front of two judges,” Alvarez said. 

When going to Columbia she was accompanied by band directors Mr. Justin Kline and Mrs. Jennifer Prather.

The All-State Band practiced and performed in Columbia, MO, with musicians from all over the state getting their chance to shine. Here, Alvarez was able to show her abilities as a musician and experienced flute player. Alvarez got to room with other musicians and enjoyed her experience, 

“The experience was super fun and memorable! I enjoyed being able to rehearse with other high-achieving musicians who appreciate music the same way I do. I also made friendships with my roommates over the three days we spent together,” Alvarez said.

Performing in the All-State Band is a huge honor and especially impressive as a sophomore, competing against around 140 other flute players for the position, most of which were a higher grade. Alvarez auditioned last year and earned fourth honorable mention as a freshman, which is an incredible accomplishment. 

“I feel very accomplished making sixth chair this year because I jumped about 12 spots including the other ASB honorable mentions, alternates and band members,” Alvarez said. 

With the band, Alvarez performed five different pieces of various styles: a march called “The Governors Own”, “A Movement for Rosa” (dedicated to Rosa Parks), “One Life Beautiful”, “Missouri Counterpoint” (specially commissioned for 2022 All-State Band), and “Dance of the Jesters”.

“My favorite piece is ‘Missouri Counterpoint’, I liked the pace of the song and it ended up being really fun to play,” Alvarez said. 

Alvarez plans on pursuing All-State Band in the future, hoping to prove herself again and earn a higher chair. SHS is very proud of the young Alvarez’s accomplishments and can’t wait to see what this talented student can do in the future.