How will we keep SR3 students and staff safe?



All Savannah R3 campuses are committed to the district’s goal to remain open for in-person, on-campus learning.  To accomplish this, everyone must do their part to stop the spread of COVID-19.  Keep in mind that what you do outside of school and off our campuses affects our ability to remain open.    

What we are doing*

  • SR3 has initiated a district-wide mask mandate - all K-12 students and staff will be required to wear a mask in the hallways and in classrooms where social distancing is not possible.

  • SR3 will follow CDC/MDH/ Andrew County Health Dep. guidance to quarantine/isolate positive COVID cases for ten days from the onset of their symptoms.  

  • SR3 will follow MDH/DESE/ Andrew County Health Department guidance to allow symptom-free SCHOOL RELATED direct contacts of positive COVID cases to attend school as long as both the positive case and the school contact were properly wearing masks.

  • SR3 will follow MDH/DESE/ Andrew County Health Department guidance to notify parents of direct contacts that their student(s) may not participate in sports or extracurricular activities while they are quarantined.  

  • Students and staff who are sick will be asked to stay at home until they have been symptom-free for 48 hours.  

  • Students and staff who are awaiting test results will be asked to stay home. Students and staff that are waiting for test results of family or household members need to stay at home until test results are received.  

  • PreK and Elementary students will be kept in classroom cohorts, and the cohorts will not mix. 

  • Prek and Elementary students will remain with their cohort for recess. 

  • All SR3 classrooms will be required to utilize and record their seating chart for contact tracing.

  • Student desks and seating will be separated as far as 6 feet where possible. 

  • Seating charts will be utilized at lunch.  Additional tables will be added if needed to accommodate distanced seating.  Elementary students may be kept in their classrooms for lunch.  

  • SR3 custodial and maintenance staff will continue regular cleaning and disinfecting of our buildings.

  • Teachers and Staff will be required to properly wear a mask at all times.

  • All students will be required to wear a proper face covering on the bus. 

  • Fabric masks will be required for students who attend after school childcare.

  • All campus water fountains will be converted into water bottle filling stations.  Use of the water fountain will be disabled.  

*Updated protocols are in bold

SR3 District-Wide Mask Mandate 

On November 12, 2020, Governor Parson announced that the Missouri Department of Health and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education had changed the guidance around schools and contact tracing.  

In response to this updated guidance and guidance from the Andrew County Health Department, the Savannah R3 School District made the following changes: 

  • Beginning Monday, November 16th, all SR3 campuses will enforce a mask mandate.  

  • Savannah High School students will continue the Fixed Blended Education model through the end of the first semester.  When students are less than six feet apart, proper mask-wearing will be required.  

  • Savannah Middle School students will continue to be required to properly wear a mask when they are less than 6 feet apart.  

  • K-5 Elementary students will now be required to wear properly a mask in the classroom.  

  • Early Learning Center students will not be required to wear a mask in the classroom due to their age. 

A few exceptions: 

  • Masks will not be worn while students are eating.   

  • It may not be possible for students to wear a mask during PE.   

  • This guidance does NOT extend to extracurricular activities or athletics.  The district will continue to follow the posted MEC guidelines. 

  • Any student or staff member who is already on quarantine must complete their full quarantine before returning to school.  The new guidelines do not allow for close contacts to return to school early, regardless of a mask’s presence.  

Proper Mask Wearing: 

  • Mask must be clean and free from damage.  Cloth face coverings should be washed after each use/daily.  Disposable masks should be changed daily.  

  • Mask must cover the nose and mouth. 

  • Gaiters will not be allowed. 

  • Face Shields will not be allowed

How this guidance effects close contacts

The Andrew County Health Department will still ask close contacts of a positive COVID case to quarantine for 14 days regardless of mask usage.  However, under this new guidance from the state, close contacts who are exhibiting no symptoms will be allowed to attend school during their quarantine.  This guidance does not allow the student to participate in sports or extracurricular activities during their quarantine period. 

Parents and guardians should be diligent in checking their child(ren) for symptoms over their quarantine.  If a student who has been exposed to COVID-19 begins experiencing any symptoms or is not feeling well, they need to seek medical attention before returning to school.  The Parent COVID Exposure Agreement should be filled out by a parent or guardian before a quarantined student returns to school. 

Updated MEC Winter Fan Guidelines 

Midland Empire Conference 

Fan Guidelines-Revised 11/20/20 

Winter 2020-21 

In an effort to provide the opportunity for students to participate in activities and create the safest environment for our students and their families, the MEC Board of Control has implemented the following guidelines for attendance at activities at  member schools for the Winter activities season: 

• Attendance will be limited to 2 family members per participant. Both home and visiting schools will have a pass list for each participant at the gate.  Individual students will not be admitted unless they are family members on the pass list. 

• Fans (including any family members that are students) will be expected to sit with their families and maintain social distancing from other fans. There will be no student section

Face coverings will be required at all events for anyone not actively participating in the contest. This includes coaches and players on the bench. 

Wrestling tournaments will not have spectators due to space limitations with multiple teams. Non-tournaments will follow regular guidelines. 

Dance teams will be allowed to perform and attend home events and up to  2 family members will be admitted as well. Dance teams and spectators should only attend during performances and exit after the performance.  There will be no pep band. 

Cheerleaders will be allowed at home events and will be allowed 2 family members per participant. 

The goal of the MEC Board of Control is to take as many precautions as possible to provide these opportunities for our students. Additionally, it is the goal of the Board of Control to create an opportunity for families to attend these events in person. These guidelines are subject to modification based upon directives and recommendations from health care professionals. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Revised November 20, 2020