​How will I know if school is canceled? 

Evening decisions: ​If a decision is made in the evening to cancel school for the next day, automated phone calls will begin no later than 9:45 pm, with the latest call going out at approximately 10:30 pm. 

​Morning decisions:​ If a decision is made after 9:30 pm the night before (after the point where a broadcast could be launched by 9:45pm), the broadcast will begin the next morning at 6 am, with the latest calls going out at approximately 6:45am.  Similarly, if a decision must be made in the morning before school begins, notifications will be sent out as soon as possible.

Employee notification: District staff members will receive an automated call/ text message as soon as the decision is made, as late as 11 pm the night before, or as early as 5am on the morning of cancellation.  

Canceling in the middle of the school day: If weather forces an early closure, we will contact all parents and guardians immediately via phone calls, text messages, and all other listed notification systems.  It is imperative that each school has accurate contact information.  

Other Sources of Information:

  • Savannah R3 website: www.savannahr3.com 

  • Savannah R3 App: Free for anyone to download in the Apple and Google Play stores

  • Official District Social Media: Facebook: @SavannahSchoolDistrict, Twitter: @Savannah_R3, Instagram: @Savannah_r3

  • Local Media 

    • KQ2

    • News-Press Now

    • KFEQ/KSJQ (AM 680 & FM 92.7) 

    • KKJO/KEFJ (AM 1550 & FM 105.5) 

Winter Weather Procedures

​Every effort is made to announce weather cancellations after a decision is made as soon as possible.  

​**Note: Notifications will be posted on the district website and social media pages, as well as broadcast via local media stations as soon as a decision is made.** 

Out of respect for our families, phone calls are not made before 6am as a result of parent feedback.  You may see other notifications before you receive a phone call or text message.  

Girl playing in the snow with her dog

It is imperative that all contact information has been entered into Teacher Ease correctly for notification purposes. If you have not logged into Teacher Ease to verify your information, please do so as soon as possible. If you need help logging into Teacher Ease, please contact the Technology Department at (816) 324-3188.

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AMI VS Traditional Snow Days

AMI Days: Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year the Missouri Department of Education (DESE) implemented a new program where school districts were “not required to make up school hours that are lost or canceled due to exceptional or emergency circumstances (up to 36 hours) if the [district] implements an Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) Plan that is approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)”.  Please see the DESE website for more information. 

Savannah R3 will follow their DESE-approved AMI plan for the first 36 hours of instruction that are lost or canceled due to inclement weather.  This equates to about five snow days. 

Snow Days: The current district attendance calendar has an additional 36 hours of “built in” time.  These are traditional snow days that do not require students to learn from home.  Once those hours have been exhausted the district will have to begin adding days to the end of the attendance calendar as “makeup days” 

Please note that the implementation of AMI days by DESE was not a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and is expected to continue for future academic school years.