Step 1: Volunteer Form

Step 2: information about obtaining a background check.

Our DESE district volunteer code is 0070 

(You will need this when you get fingerprinted) 

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Parents, Guardians, and Supporters of the Savannah R3 School District ~

School volunteers are an integral part of the success of students and staff at Savannah R3 Schools by serving in ways such as reading with students, assisting teachers, our WATCHDOG and Super Moms programs, tutoring, or to chaperone students on field trips. We encourage anyone who is interested in supporting the Savannah R3 Schools to get involved and volunteer.

A recent change in Missouri State Statute 168.133 now requires those who volunteer with the district, and will potentially be spending one on one time with students, to acquire a criminal background check at the expense of the volunteer. These changes align with Board Policy GBEBC and are imperative to ensuring the safety of our students and staff.

Anyone wishing to volunteer with Savannah R3 Schools will now be required to fill out a Volunteer Application Form yearly. Applications can be found in your school’s main office or on our District Website Information about obtaining a background check can be picked up from your school’s main office or the District Office located at 408 West Market in Savannah.

Volunteers with Savannah R3 Schools can be broken down into two categories:

Category 1

A category 1 volunteer is allowed regular and frequent contact with students, can work unsupervised or one on one with students, or can serve in a supervisory role. A criminal background check is required at the cost of the volunteer.

Category 2

A category 2 volunteer serves occasionally and does not have supervisory or one on one contact with students. A category 2 volunteer serves under the supervision of a Savannah R3 staff member. A criminal background check is waived but administration approval is needed. 

Category 1 Volunteers may include but are not limited to:

Coach or Sponsor
Reading Mentor

Field Trip Chaperone

Category 2 Volunteers may include but are not limited to:

Lunch Buddy
In-class Reading Mentor
Classroom Parent

Library Support
School Hospitality Events

We realize this is a change and an inconvenience for many, however, this state mandate is in the best interest of Savannah R3 students and staff. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work through this change.