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Savannah R3 School District Welcomes Back 7th Grade Football to Middle School Campus

Savannah, MO – November 10, 2023

In a pivotal move for the Savannah R3 School District, the Board of Education, in collaboration with Anthony Hays, Savannah R3 Athletic Director, and Nick Morgan, President of the Savannah Youth Football Program, announced the return of 7th-grade football to the Middle School campus. This decision was reached following discussions at the regular Board of Education business meeting on Thursday, November 9th.

The initiative to reintroduce 7th-grade football was driven by several compelling reasons:

Comprehensive Sports Offering: Aligning with other school sports, the addition of 7th-grade football complements the existing array of athletic opportunities, including wrestling, basketball, track, volleyball, cheer, cross country, and dance.

Financial Accessibility: Acknowledging the financial burden associated with participation in the area recreational league, the move to school-based football aims to make the sport more financially accessible to all students and families.

Scheduling Challenges: With an increasing number of schools offering football at the 7th-grade level, finding opponents has become a challenge for both the Youth Football Program and the school's 8th-grade team. Many schools prefer scheduling both 7th and 8th-grade games on the same evening, and Savannah's absence in offering 7th-grade football has led to scheduling difficulties.

Athletic Director and High School Football Coach Anthony Hays assured the Board that current fundraising initiatives will cover the initial cost of the ‘new’ program. Additionally, the Savannah Youth Football Program expressed support by offering to sell their current 7th-grade equipment to the school at a discounted rate.

The Board of Education demonstrated its commitment to this initiative by agreeing to cover the anticipated additional coaching staff needs, representing an investment of $10,000 annually.

This collaborative effort aims not only to enrich the Middle School sports program but also to provide a more inclusive and accessible platform for aspiring young athletes.

For further information, please contact:

Anthony Hays

Savannah R3 Athletic Director