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PUBLIC RELEASE: Savannah R3 School District Addresses Apparent Misappropriation of Funds

DEC. 1, 2023

The Savannah R3 School District recently discovered the misappropriation of funds during routine checks of the financial records. Savannah R3 is committed to transparency with all District stakeholders. We want to assure our community and local business partners that the systems in place effectively detected and addressed the discrepancy.

Following the discovery, the District Administration initiated a thorough internal investigation. All pertinent financial institutions, including Conrad & Higgens, the firm overseeing the District's annual audit, were contacted, ensuring a comprehensive examination of the situation.

In response, the Board of Education and District Administration promptly terminated all business relations with the implicated individual and the services provided to the District. Additionally, the Board voted to file charges with local law enforcement, committing to pursuing legal actions to the fullest extent of the law.

In light of this incident, additional steps have been taken to strengthen protocols and day-to-day operations. Moving forward, we are committed to continuously improving financial oversight and enhancing the overall security of funds.  

While SR3 cannot legally share names, total dollar amounts, or specific details to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation, stakeholders should know this incident is being handled with the utmost gravity and attention to detail. We have every reason to believe this is an isolated incident, and any misappropriations have been identified. District Administration will continue working closely with local law enforcement throughout the investigation.  

We understand the valid concerns raised by this incident and want to assure our community that the District and Board of Education remain actively committed to transparency, accountability, and securing the integrity of our District's funds and taxpayer dollars. 

Additional questions can be directed to the Superintendent’s Office or the Board of Education via  

Savannah R3 School District Administration

Dr. Eric Kurre, Superintendent of Schools 

Dr. Brian Hansen, Assistant Superintendent of Schools 

Than Wagers, Board of Education President 

Joe Barbosa, Vice President, Board of Education 

Rebecca Beldsoe, Board Member

Leighton DeGarmo, Board Member

Rachel Piper, Board Member

Cory Schilling, Board Member

Deb Wenzel, Board Member