picture of 6 middle school lunch staff and the food service director posed behind a yellow wall.  The bottom half of the picture is a graphic that reads: 1st Place, Cowboy Cavatini Cook Off 2024 awarded to Savannah Middle School

All SR3 school kitchens recently participated in their first-ever District-Wide Cooking Challenge. Each campus was given a basic Cowboy Cavatini recipe and allowed to customize it as they wished. Keri Woods, the Food Service Director, visited each site and collected samples in plain white containers that were secretly numbered to represent their building.

A panel of five food experts participated in the blind taste test at the District office. The judges only tasted the main course and did not consider any additional sides or desserts that were offered as bribes (although they did enjoy those after the judging was complete!)

One building emerged as the winner with a unanimous vote. Congratulations to the entire Food Service Staff at Savannah Middle School! You all did an excellent job.

Stay tuned for the next Cooking Challenge!