Public Advisory

Savannah R3 Families ~ 

We have been notified that one of our student-athletes has tested positive for COVID-19. We are working closely with our coaching department and the Andrew County Health Department to identify close contacts of the positive case.  Through rapid identification of cases and contacts, we can help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our communities by following quarantine and isolation guidelines.

Safety is our top priority and due to the close proximity during sporting practices, and after investigation with both Basketball and Football coaches, the following has been decided:

All Boys’ athletic practices and wights have been canceled for Monday, July 20th.  Boys Basketball practices including open gyms will be suspended through July 29, 2020.  All Boys Basketball team members who attended open gym on July 15, 2020, have the potential of close contact with the infected individual for greater than 10-15 minutes and therefore should quarantine for the next 14 days.  All participants are asked to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and contact your primary care provider or your local Public Health Department if you have any concerns regarding symptoms or COVID-19. 

Football practices from July 15-July 17 are being reviewed by Coaches and the Athletic Director for a list of direct contacts.  These practices were held with small group transitions, meaning not all of the team members had close contact with the infected individual.  All contacts will be notified and given quarantine guidance upon completion of the investigation.  

COVID-19 is thought to be spread via person-to-person contact through contaminated air droplets from coughing and sneezing by an infected person. As with controlling the spread of other viruses, we urge everyone to take the following preventive measures: 

  • Stay home when you are sick

  • Wash your hands regularly, especially after using the restroom and before preparing or consuming food. Using soap and hot water, wash for about 20 seconds.

  • Avoid coughing or sneezing into your hands or in the air. Always try to cough or sneeze into a tissue, then throw the tissue away. If you don't have a tissue, cough/sneeze into your arm.

  • As much as you can, avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and nose.

  • Maintain at least 6 feet away from those who do not live with you or wear a face covering.


The symptoms of coronavirus are similar to regular seasonal influenza and allergies.  Symptoms may include but are not limited to fever, coughing, and shortness of breath, runny nose, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sinus pressure, lethargy, loss of taste/smell, and in some cases has caused pneumonia.

We are closely monitoring this situation in conjunction with the Andrew County Health Department.   You can reach the Andrew County Health Department at 816-324-3139 or the Savannah R3 District office at 816-324-3144.