SR3 Test to Stay Guidance

SR3 Administration and nursing staff has been working closely with the Andrew County Health Department to implement the updated COVID-19 guidance provided by the Missouri Department of Health and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The following updated protocols will take effect on Wednesday, October 27, 2021.

Savannah R-3 Test To Stay Protocol

Savannah R-3 Students and Staff will be offered the opportunity to participate in the Test to Stay program following each in-school-related exposure.  Parents or Staff must opt-in at the time of notification if they wish to participate in the program for that quarantine period.  Should the decision be made to opt-out of the test to stay program the exposed individual will complete a full 10-day quarantine at home with no participation in school or extracurricular activities.  The Test to Stay Program is only available for close contacts to a positive case at school or in a school activity.  Participation in this program is completely voluntary. 

 When an SR3 student or staff member is identified as a close contact to a positive Covid-19 individual, the parent/guardian or staff member will be offered the option to opt-in to the Test to Stay program.  Participation is voluntary but a decision to opt-in or out must be made when the district makes initial contact about the exposure.  

  • Opt-In: Parent/Guardian or staff member will sign a Consent to Participate in the Test to Stay Protocol.  The student or staff member identified as a close contact will need to quarantine until testing can be completed at the on-site testing clinic or with an approved community partner.  
  • Opt-Out: The student or staff member identified as a close contact will be sent home for the duration of their quarantine.  

Testing will be offered on-site Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning from 7:15 am to 8 am at every SR3 campus.  We are able to provide this testing through a community partnership between the district, Urgent Care Express, and the Andrew County Health Department.  

  • The student or staff member identified as a close contact will be tested on day 1 of identification OR quarantine until the next available onsite testing date.  

  • Students/Staff are allowed to go to Urgent Care Express for testing if no onsite testing is available.  Upon arrival to Urgent Care Express, they should identify themself as an SR3 Test to stay participant.  Urgent Care Express will verify their participation in the Test to Stay program through a shared communication tool. 

  • Student/staff will then be tested every Monday/Wednesday/Friday during the first 7 days of their quarantine period. 

  • Those participating in extracurricular activities will also be tested on the day of any extracurricular event that occurs (ie game, contest day, etc).  If no testing is available on-site that day it is up to the student/staff to obtain testing from Urgent Care Express during normal business hours.

  • Should a weekend be day 6 or 7 of the quarantine period student/staff participating must obtain a final test on the following Monday.

All Students/Staff participating are REQUIRED to wear a mask and remain asymptomatic for the entire 14 day quarantine period.


Approved Community Partners:

Urgent Care Express (169 and I29)

4776 Verona Drive

St. Joseph MO 64506

Business Hours: 

Monday - Friday 8 am to 8 pm 

Saturday - Sunday 9 am to 5 pm 


Andrew County Health Department*

106 N. 5th Street

Savannah MO 64485

** This location will not be offering walk-ins or appointments requested by participants.  Testing MUST be scheduled by appointed SR3 staff members.