Lunch Lady Lowdown

The Savannah R3 School district was recently approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to provide free meals to all Savannah R3 students through the USDA.  

Starting Monday, September 14th all SR3 students will have free breakfast and lunch available on a daily basis through December 22nd.  Any lunch charges incurred between August 24th and September 11th are still the responsibility of each student/ parent and need to be paid.  

It is our intention to follow the September lunch menu as posted but please keep in mind that the menus are subject to change based on the availability of food.  Cycle menus will resume on October 1st and will be available on the district website once they have been finalized.  

Students in all grades (PreK-12th) who are unable to attend in-person school will have the ability to pick up a week’s worth of meals on Tuesday Mornings from 9:00 am to 10:00 am on the Savannah Middle School Campus.  Grab and go meals will be available curbside only through the parent pick up line.  Please do not exit your vehicle for meal pick up.    

Just a note: 

  • Students who bring their lunch will still be able to purchase milk for $0.60 

  • No second lunches, sorry 

Kathi Snyder 

SR3 Food Services Director