Even in the middle of a staffing shortage, our lunch ladies know how to have fun! Here's a huge #SavageShoutOut to our district food service staff for keeping our bellies full and our hearts warm. #WeAreSR3 #SR3Family
about 6 hours ago, Savannah R3
4 ladies hiding behind a box fort
Last night the Board of Education voted to move forward with a block S for the official Savannah Savage logo. The option for no mascot was the clear winner in the recent survey done of students, staff, community members, and alumni. District Communications Coordinator, Jess Gillett, will be working with a local graphic artist to finalize 2 versions of the logo - one simple black and gold S and one S featuring claw marks. Anyone interested in donating their talents to this project should contact the district via communications@savannahr3.com.
about 6 hours ago, Savannah R3
S with four gold claw marks
The Building Trades Class had a guest speaker on Tuesday, Petty Officer Reynolds of the US Navy. He spoke to students about construction & trades opportunities in the Seabees and in the Fleet. We want our students to learn that options for their futures are wide open. #WeAreSR3
1 day ago, Savannah R3
Petty Officer Reynolds with the US Navy stands in army greens in front of a white board with a projection of SeaBeas
Way Back Wednesday! We can name the year, can you name the girl ... or the cat? 1986 #SR3WayBackWednesday
2 days ago, Savannah R3
Girl with Cat
There was a misprint on our academic calendars. Winter Homecoming is Friday, February 4th against St. Joe Leblond. The first games begin at 6 pm #WeAreSR3
7 days ago, Savannah R3
Winter homecoming Friday, February 4 at 6:00 pm
Just a reminder that campuses are closed on Monday, January 17th in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. day. #WeAreSR3
7 days ago, Savannah R3
MLK Holiday Monday, January 17, 2022
"In 4th grade science we are learning about the structure and function of plants & animals. We observed apples to try and figure out why a tree would grow an apple." #WeAreSr3
8 days ago, Savannah R3
girl in purple shirt looking at half of an apple with a magnifying glass
Boy with half of an apple with a magnifying glass
Boy in red shirt inspects half of an apple
girl inspects half of an apple with a magnifying glass
There might not be snow on the ground but that didn't stop this group of 2nd graders from a fun "Math Fact Snowball Fight"! #WeAreSR3
8 days ago, Savannah R3
Group of second grade students throw snow balls made of paper across the classroom
group of second graders throw paper snow balls across the classroom
We've missed you! School resumes for all SR3 campuses on Monday, January 10th. Remember to dress for the weather! #WeAreSR3 #SR3Family
15 days ago, Savannah R3
Welcome back students
Dressing for Cold Weather Infographic
This is a test of the SR3 emergency alert system. This is only a test. As a reminder, school will resume on Monday, January 10.
17 days ago, Jess Gillett
Test Alert
Are you as ready for winter break as we are?!?! No school for students December 22 - January 10. See you in the new year! #WeAreSR3 #SR3Family #SR3WinterBreak
about 1 month ago, Savannah R3
Winter Break Gif
SHS Plant Sciences classes Holiday Arrangements! Using a combination of cut greenery, silk flowers, ornaments, and pine cones students designed arrangements to take home to their families for the holiday season. #WeAreSR3
about 1 month ago, Savannah R3
high school students holds an arrangement of pint and blue silk flowers
High school student holds an arrangement of pink and pink silk flowers
High School student holds an arrangement of pine and silk roses
The SHS Building Trades Class is taking advantage of the nice weather to repair & rebuild a pergola on the deck of the project house. It's just one of the custom features the students have built. #WeAreSR3 #SR3Family
about 1 month ago, Savannah R3
new pergola built by our high school students
High School students building a pergola at the Building Trades Home
All Savannah R3 campuses will be closed today, December 16th due to multiple power outages throughout the county.
about 1 month ago, Jess Gillett
Today's Way Back Wednesday looks a little different. The picture is from today but the costume is a total throwback. Can you name the movie and the year it came out? TBH we aren't sure this teacher was even around when this movie debuted. #SR3WayBackWednesday #WeAreSR3
about 1 month ago, Savannah R3
Teacher in a leg lamp costume
SR3 students are learning much more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. They are learning to be good humans. Mrs. Bush's 1st grade class used yarn to create a web as they learned about the importance of working together. #WeAreSR3 #SR3Family
about 1 month ago, Savannah R3
Group of 1st grade students stand in a circle holding part of a large piece of string to create a giant web.
Way Back Wednesday 1969, check out those uniforms! #WeAreSR3 #WayBackWednesdaySR3
about 1 month ago, Savannah R3
Boys basketball team 1969
SHS Ag Power students have been designing and fabricating awards for the Andrew County Fair. They have been using a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software to design the awards and then use the CNC (computer numeric controlled) plasma cutting table to cut their designs out of metal. #WeAreSR3
about 2 months ago, Savannah R3
Students using CAD machine
Students using CAD machine
Have a toddler? Let's talk Pre-School!
about 2 months ago, Savannah R3
Early Learning Center Preschool Screenings January 7, 2022.
We’re excited to announce we have been selected to participate in the state’s Missouri Postsecondary Advising Initiative, which will place trained advisors into high schools, alongside school counselors, to provide students with individualized college and career support. SHS is among 40 schools statewide selected to participate in 2021-2022. Thanks to the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and rootED Alliance for helping us better support our high school students to prepare for lifelong success! We look forward to hiring trained college and career advisors to help our students succeed after high school. Interested applicants should see our website to apply. www.SavannahR3.com, look for the Work for Us tab. #WeAreSR3 #SR3Family #SHS
about 2 months ago, Savannah R3
Big News! We've been selected to participate in the Missouri Postsecondary Advising Initiative in 2021-22