Due to the homecoming parade line up, buses who normally stop at the swimming pool will let out at 10th and Chestnut today. Please be patient with our drivers as they navigate around road closures today.
1 day ago, Savannah R3
There's a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes when it comes to Savage Homecoming. Help us give a HUGE Savage Shout out to our Student Council sponsors Jayme Sommer and Amanda Boyer, to our Maintenance Director Jason for putting a little extra spirit on the field, and to our local law enforcement for helping keep the parade route safe this afternoon. Have a safe and Happy Homecoming Savage Fans!
1 day ago, Savannah R3
Jayme Sommer and Amanda Boyer
Jason Boyer paints the end zone
homecoming schedule
parade map
Have you picked your spot on the parade route yet? Don't forget your candy bucket! #SR3HOCO #WeAreSR3
2 days ago, Savannah R3
Homecoming schedule
Parade Route
Looking for pictures of our crazy homecoming loving students and staff? Check out the District Flickr page. Over 250 homecoming pictures have been added! https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjA8HVs #WeAreSR3 #SR3HOCO22
2 days ago, Savannah R3
check out the district flickr page
The memories will last a lifetime but the chalk will fade fast! Be sure to stop by the square in Savannah to check out the fantastic art work done by the SHS Art Club! Check our flickr album for more pictures! https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjA8HVs #WeAreSR3 #SR3HOCO22
5 days ago, Savannah R3
chalk art says homecoming in front of the courthouse
It's Homecoming week Savage Fans!! #WeAreSR3 #SR3HOCO
6 days ago, Savannah R3
homecoming dress up days
Congrats to our SHS girls cross country (XC) team for taking home the GOLD at yesterday's Benton Invitational! Way to make history girls! #WeAreSR3 #SR3Family
9 days ago, Savannah R3
5 girls in pink xc uniforms pose for a picture with their gold medals and a plaque for taking 1st place at the benton invitational cross country meet.
The Building Trades students got hands on experience with framing and drywall the last few days while building a new wall in the counselor's office #WeAreSR3
10 days ago, Savannah R3
New Wall in the counselors office
new wall being framed in the counselors office
Students mud a new drywall wall in the counseling center at the high school
5th graders in Ms. Price's room have been working hard on using the Engineering Design Process to create their very own duct tape wallets. Together they identified a problem (storage for their PRIDE bucks) and decided they needed a product that is sturdy, durable, and easy to carry. Last week students looked at criteria and constraints to help them brainstorm ideas, select an approach, and create blueprints for their designs. Here are a few of the fantastic designs they came up with.
10 days ago, Savannah R3
students hold up their duct tape wallets
student displays her hand made duct tape purse
Student displays her hand made duct tape purse
student displays her handmade duct tape wallet
Does 2014 count as WAY back?? #SR3Family #SR3WayBackWednesday
11 days ago, Savannah R3
2014 FCCLA students
The SHS Home Maintenance classes broke down & recycled pallet wood to use for our upcoming shop builds. Students learned to apply the shop safety and tool use classes they have had this semester. #WeAreSR3
12 days ago, Savannah R3
two students breaking apart pallets
two students take wood off of pallets
Home Maintenance Class
Back to school grammar and possessive noun review? Roster's 6th graders are all over it! #WeAreSR3 #SR3Family
12 days ago, Savannah R3
4 students sit at a table and write on a whiteboard
students at a table writing on small whiteboards
students at a table writing on small dry erase boards
students sit at a table and write sentences on small whiteboards
It's Home Game Friday Savage Fans! We hope to see you at the football field tonight at 7! #WeAreSR3 #SR3Family
15 days ago, Savannah R3
three students from the early learning center show off their savage pride
Game Day
Just a friendly reminder that there won't be school on Monday, September 19th. Our teachers will be taking part in District Continuous Improvement Training. Enjoy the long weekend! #WeAreSR3 #SR3Family
15 days ago, Savannah R3
No school on Monday, September 19th
Mrs. Berger's students are learning about engineering processes. Can they build a landing pad that supports the impact of a falling egg? #WeAreSR3
16 days ago, Savannah R3
two boys building with straws
3 students building with staws
two students watch as one drops an egg while standing on a chair
students watch as another student drops an egg while standing on a chair
Soil Texturing - it's an Ag thing. #WeAreSR3 #SR3Family
16 days ago, Savannah R3
students looking at soil samples
It's Way Back When-sday Savage Fans! Oui, Oui ❤️ foreign language clubs! #SR3Family #SR3WayBackWednesday
18 days ago, Savannah R3
students sit in front of a tv in 1989
2 students smile for the camera as they pretend to feed a stuffed deer
students sitting at a table enjoying a meal
Congrats to our 7th grade volleyball players for placing 1st in the tournament this weekend! #WeAreSR3
18 days ago, Savannah R3
volleyball players
Spelling words with play-dough?!? Yes, please! #WeAreSR3
23 days ago, Savannah R3
student with an R made of play-dough
two students spell words with playdough
student spells words with playdough
student uses playdoug to make letters
Second graders took a community walk to discuss rules and laws in our community as part of a social studies lesson. #WeAreSR3
24 days ago, Savannah R3
20 students in a line standing on a sidewalk